NY Knicks Odds Update: Bench Problems?

It’s that time of the week again! NY Sports Day is doing a quick temperature check on the Knicks, along with a full NY Knicks odds update.

Since we last checked in, the Knicks have won two, lost two, and hit a potentially major injury snag. Mitchell Robinson went out with a fractured thumb during Wednesday night’s loss to the Wizards. He’s now out for at least three weeks, marking the first time this season that the Knicks have faced a significant injury to a starter.

In any team, that’s tough. But for the Knicks, who have been overly reliant on their front five, it could spell calamity. Or at least even more emphasis on getting moves in before the trade deadline.

Let’s see what the Knicks’ betting odds are saying.

NY Knicks Odds Update vs. Hawks on Jan. 20

At all of the NY sportsbooks, the Knicks opened as 4-point underdogs in their matchup against the Atlanta Hawks for Friday night, Jan. 20. With a 23-21 record, the Hawks are gunning for that coveted sixth spot in the Eastern Conference standings. The Knicks and Heat are currently tied in 6th and 7th place with identical 25-21 records. A win for Atlanta would put them one game closer to leapfrogging both teams.

The Knicks have been on a solid streak, winning seven of their last 10 games. The Hawks have won six of their last 10, but four of those come back-to-back leading into Friday’s game. They beat Miami and Dallas, both better teams on paper. The Hawks are 12-9 at home, but the Knicks are 14-8 away.

But that’s with their starters all healthy. Here are the best odds for the Knicks-Hawks.


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How Have the Knicks Performed Against the Odds So Far?

The Knicks have done a good job this season of covering the spread, and their last four games saw them basically maintain that performance.

They’re now 24-20-2 against the spread, with a cover rate of 54.6% compared to 55% last week. Compare that to Oklahoma City, which has the best cover percentage, now up to 64.4%. New York is 22-22-2 against the Over/Under.

Their odds to win the NBA title at New York sports betting outlets are the same as last week, though the news of Robinson’s injury may affect them slightly before trade announcements. Their odds are 150-to-1 on Caesars Sportsbook NY and 250-to-1 on BetRivers NY.

Can the Knicks Boost Their Bench?

With the latest news of Mitchell Robinson’s injury, it may be time for some soul-searching on the Knicks.

At about a week past the NBA season halfway point and three weeks to the trade deadline, the Knicks are looking better than expected, but maybe not good enough. New York was steadily climbing up the standings in the East, though they’ve dropped one spot to a tie with Miami since last week.

Their biggest weakness is their bench, which isn’t putting up many points each game. The bench has averaged 21 points per game since early December, which is the worst in the league.

In response, Coach Tom Thibodeau has been deploying a strategy of keeping his two biggest stars, Jalen Brunson and Julius Randle, on the court at all times. While that helps with points, it’s not a sustainable strategy long term.

Like we said last week, the Knicks are going to need to trade for an offensive boost if they want their odds of winning the title to go up.

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NY Knicks Upcoming Games

Here are the Knicks’ upcoming games.

  • @ Atlanta — Friday, Jan. 20
  • @ Toronto — Sunday, Jan. 22
  • vs. Cleveland — Tuesday, Jan. 24
  • @ Boston — Thursday, Jan. 26
  • @ Brooklyn — Saturday, Jan. 28
  • vs. Lakers — Tuesday, Jan. 31

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