Online casinos aren’t currently legal in New York, and this gambling activity isn’t likely to be legalized until 2023 at the earliest. However, you can play demos online for free or play for real money by traveling to New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, or a handful of other states.

Let’s break down the online craps situation in New York as it stands today. We’ll also break down the possibility of playing real money craps online in New York.

Where To Play Real Money Craps Online In New York

Unfortunately, you can’t play real money craps online in New York in any capacity. Even though sports betting is legal, online casino games are still not legal in the Empire State. New York Sen. Joseph Addabbo recently introduced SB 8412. This prospective bill would legalize both online table games and online slot games in New York, including craps. Under the terms of the bill, every land-based casino operator in New York would have the opportunity to acquire an online casino license.

However, the New York State government has recently reconciled three different versions of its state budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Online casino legalization doesn’t seem to be in the cards (no pun intended). It’s more likely that, despite Sen. Addabbo’s efforts, casino legalization will come in 2023 at the earliest. However, you can enjoy craps at a variety of in-person casinos scattered throughout this territory. For example, the Del Lago Resort & Casino at 1133 NY-414, Waterloo, NY 13165 includes 66 table games, many of which are used for craps.

Tips For Playing Online Craps Games In New York

If you don’t know how to play craps online, here’s a brief breakdown:

  • You enter a craps game when the “off” marker is shown. This means new bettors can enter the game.
  • When you bet on craps, you have two different starting bets: betting on the Pass Line and betting on the Don’t Pass Line.
  • When you bet on the Pass Line, you bet that the dice shooter, which is typically automated for online craps, will have a die roll of 7 or 11. If you bet on the Don’t Pass Line, you bet that they will lose and get a 2, 3, or 12. You win your wager if the dice shooter rolls the same number that you bet

Things can, of course, get a little more complicated. There are other betting slots you can take advantage of as well. For example, after the initial rolls are made and the point is established, you can make an Odds bet. To do this, you can put your coins or chips on a specific point number to show up before 7. Odds for these bets usually range between 2:1 and 6:5.

Other common bets include:

  • Come bets, which are similar to Pass Line bets. However, you can only make these after the point is established. If the dice shooter’s roll isn’t 7 or 11, the die total becomes your point number and you want to see that number before 7 Is rolled. Don’t Come bets are similar, but have the opposite winning requirements.
  • Place bets, which are made on available point numbers like 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10. If one of these numbers that you bet on comes before 7, you win the be.t
  • Field bets, which require you to bet on 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12. If any of these numbers are rolled by the dice shooter, you win the bet. If 2 or 12 are rolled, you get a double payout.

Now that you know how to place basic bets with online craps, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Always try out a casino’s demo mode for their craps games. These demo modes allow you to use fake money chips and enjoy online craps without wagering any real-world cash. Then, you can see how the odds shake out and determine whether you want to put any money down on the outcome.
  • Always learn the betting rounds and practice with side bets using demo mode or valueless digital currencies. It may take a few experiments before you really grasp the complexities of the bets.
  • Try different betting strategies rather than sticking with the same one. Statistically, you are more likely to occasionally win by switching things up and learning how odds work instead betting on one number over and over.

As with many table games, you’ll get better at craps as you practice.

Online Craps Strategy

Online craps games can vary from casino to casino. However, some of the best strategies include:

  • Taking odds ASAP. When you take odds as extra wagers, you may see more consistent payouts. That’s because there isn’t a house edge to consider. Plus, each odds wager pays out based on the defined odds for each round of craps.
  • Avoid taking the “Don’t Pass Line” bet too often. You’ll make enemies at the craps table even though this wager has a very low house edge of 1.41% on average.
  • Practice, practice, practice. More than many other online casino activities, online craps has a learning curve and you can increase your chances of consistent victory with regular play. Again, online casino demo modes are great tools to use for this purpose.

Live Dealer Craps Games At Legal Online Casinos

Many legal online casinos throughout the US make use of live dealer games. These games, such as poker, blackjack, and craps stream live video footage of dealers handling cards or doing other tasks to online casino players. For now, New Yorkers can’t enjoy live dealer craps games since online casinos are still illegal. However, you can rest assured that, should online casinos ever be legalized, live dealer craps games will be available on many top online casino apps.

Craps Bonuses In New York

Many online casinos offer bonuses for new players or regular players. These bonuses include:

  • No deposit bonuses usually give some bonus online casino credit just for making an account
  • Deposit match bonuses match the value of an initial deposit. Note that these are usually only available for legal online casinos that use real-world cash, so they aren’t common in New York yet
  • Loyalty programs reward you with more online casino credit or other prize opportunities as you use a casino consistently

Some casinos may offer online craps bonuses. These may reward you with bonus payout potential, boosted odds, or other altered game states to incentivize you to spend some time at the digital craps tables. Many of these bonuses rotate weekly or monthly.

Usually, you can sign up and receive the welcome bonuses even if you are not in a legal state.  However, to actually make a wager and fulfill the Terms and Conditions, you do need to be in a legal state.

Playing Craps At Live Casinos In New York

As noted earlier, plenty of New York in-person or brick-and-mortar casinos have craps and other table games available. One of the best live casinos with craps is Del Lago Resort & Casino, which includes 66 different table games in total. Other popular live casinos in New York with craps and table games include:

When you play craps at live casinos in New York, you get the purest form of the game and can enjoy many different craps varieties and bets. Plus, lots of craps tables welcome new players; dealers or handlers will be happy to explain the game, the odds, and how to play properly. In many ways, playing craps in person at a live New York casino is the best way to practice your craps strategies. That way, you can then translate those strategies to the online sphere when you are able.

How To Play Craps Online For Free In New York

For now, the only way to play craps online for free in New York is to find an online casino that has a demo mode for craps and other table games. Once more, real cash casinos are still illegal in New York.

Demo modes are often available for lots of table games, not just craps, including blackjack or poker. But demo modes may only allow you to place certain bets. Of course, you also don’t receive any benefits from playing these games; they’re just meant to be practice.

If you find an online casino that advertises free craps games, always be wary. Some of these casinos may be illegal or offshore sites, so you can get in trouble by spending your money there.

In fact, in general, if an online casino site advertises real money online craps, avoid it! The casino is either lying or is deliberately breaking the law. If you really want to enjoy real money online craps, you can visit a neighboring state with a legal online casino industry. Some of the best dates include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut. Legal online casinos offer craps and other table games with cash prizes, plus a variety of opening bonuses.

Playing Legal Craps Online In New York

Since online real money casinos are illegal in New York, the only way to play craps legally and online is to visit another state. Legal online casinos are still at least a year away from launching, so it can be tempting to try out illegal or offshore sites. But this is never recommended because:

  • Illegal or offshore sites don’t usually have great casino game selections. Any games, if available, may have bad graphics, may be glitchy, or may not have great odds or potential payouts.
  • Illegal gaming sites also aren’t beholden to any rules or regulations. For example, if an illegal casino advertising real money craps steals your money, you won’t have any legal recourse. You’ll just have to bite the bullet and accept that you got robbed.
  • Furthermore, illegal casinos and offshore sites don’t usually have good digital security. Because of this weakness, a cybercriminal can easily get a hold of your personal information or funds and flee without a problem. This opens you up to identity theft, which can be a major issue for months or years in the future.

Bottom line: even though the wait could be for a while yet, do yourself a favor and do not play real money craps online using an offshore or illegal casino site.

Real Money Craps In New York FAQs

Is online craps legal in New York?

Not if you play for real money. At the time of this writing, the only legal online craps in New York are free demo versions.  However, you can head to neighboring New Jersey to play at legal online casinos.

How old do I need to be to play craps online in New York?

Generally, you need to be at least 18 or older to use an online casino site and enjoy any online gambling activities. However, many states have a higher limit than that, so once legal online casinos launch in New York, 

Do online casinos in New York offer live dealer craps games?

Not yet, as online casinos have not launched in New York. However, if and when online craps is legalized, live dealer games may follow shortly after given this format’s popularity.

How do odds work when playing real money craps online?

Odds for real money craps online work similarly to the odds for real money craps at live casinos. The odds are based on the possible die roll outcomes. For example, the odds of getting a die roll of 2 are 35 to 1 since it’s only one outcome out of 36 possible. However, note that most online craps games have much smaller stakes compared to their in-person counterparts.

Can I play real money craps on my mobile phone or tablet?

Not in New York, but in other states like New Jersey you can. You can download online casino apps on your mobile device, then enjoy craps from those platforms.

Are online craps sites legit in New York?

Only if they are demos for practice. That way, you don’t waste your money or put your personal information at risk when signing up for a new online casino account.

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