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For many casino fans, online table games are the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening at home. Although New York does allow online sports betting, online casino games are still strictly illegal. This could change in 2023, as a legalization push is likely.

Even though you can’t play online roulette for real money in New York, you can still enjoy online roulette to some extent, either through free demos or by heading to a nearby state that does allow it, such as New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, or Connecticut. Let’s look at how you can play roulette online in New York in detail. We’ll also go over why you shouldn’t risk your money and personal information at offshore or illegal online casino sites.

Where To Play Real Money Roulette Online In New York

Unfortunately, you can’t play real money roulette online in New York. All real money online casino activities are still banned. 

The 2022 New York state budget is likely going to be reconciled without incorporating funding for online casino expansions or legalization. That means real money roulette online is unlikely to come around until 2023 at the earliest. However, you can venture to a neighboring state like Pennsylvania or New Jersey and enjoy real money roulette online. In these states, you can download an online casino app, then put real money down for online roulette games.

Types Of Online Roulette Games In New York

At online casinos in New York and elsewhere, you may find different roulette variations available. Note, of course, that in New York, you can only play demo versions if you want to enjoy roulette legally. Regardless, potential online roulette games in New York include:

  • US wheel or European wheel roulette games are standard variations of roulette; the only difference between them is the type of wheel they use. They both include up to 36 pockets on which you can place your roulette chips.
  • French roulette is a little less common but is still popular. It has a single “0” slot that you can put your money down on. A few special rules, such as the “la partage” rule that lets you forfeit half of your wager if the ball lands on zero.
  • Multi-ball roulette lets you wager on a wheel that spins up to three balls at the same time, so you can wager on multiple numbers simultaneously.
  • Multi-wheel roulette, as the name suggests, has several wheels spinning simultaneously. Many online games have up to eight different roulette wheels spinning at once.
  • Live dealer roulette is popular at online casinos that allow you to wager real cash. Of course, these casinos currently are only available in other states.

Live Dealer Roulette Games At Legal Online Casinos

For now, you can’t enjoy live dealer roulette games at legal online casinos in New York because, well, there are no legal online casinos where you wager real cash.  However, if online casino games are ever legalized in New York, you can bet that live dealer roulette will follow shortly after. Live dealer games are popular because they bring some of the atmosphere and ambiance of a casino environment to players’ homes.

Dealers are live-streamed to player devices through cameras, and the dealers spin roulette wheels and perform other tasks as online games unfold. Note that live dealer roulette can be any of the above variations described, so different casino apps may have different roulette games.

Roulette Bonuses In New York

If online casinos launch in New York, the best operators will have opening bonuses that may affect your roulette play. These opening bonuses are offered to new account holders only and include:

  • Risk-free wager bonuses, which protect your first bet by refunding you with site credit if it’s a loss
  • Deposit match bonuses, which match your initial deposit in either cash credits, usually at a rate of 100%

Regardless, always be sure to check the terms and conditions for any bonus deals you plan to take advantage of. Most have play-through requirements, such as requiring you to use any bonus credit once or twice before you can withdraw it as cash. 

If online casinos ever come to New York, you can expect that the bonuses will be a major factor in which apps are best for your gaming enjoyment.

Playing Roulette At Live Casinos In New York

While online roulette for cash isn’t available in New York, you can enjoy roulette at some of the Empire State’s popular live casinos. These include:

These brick-and-mortar casinos are popular places to play since they’re the only ways you can wager real-world cash for casino games in New York. Live roulette is overseen by dealers who handle the roulette wheels. These professionals are perfect people to talk to if you want to get started with roulette or don’t fully grasp how the rules work. Plus, roulette is a table game with a lot of inherent socialization. Many people can win or lose at once, so you could make friends and enjoy banter as you play live roulette at casinos in New York.

How To Play Roulette For Free In New York

If you want to play roulette for free in New York, you’ll need to find a demo mode. Casino game demo modes allow players to try out table games or slots by wagering valueless digital currencies. You don’t get anything for winning, but they’re great opportunities to see how the games work and to make sure you know how to bet properly. 

Online Roulette Strategy

If you want to enjoy online roulette, you’ll need to know how to play roulette online well. Here’s a breakdown of how to play roulette in general:

  • The point of roulette is to place bets by moving roulette chips onto “bets” of your choice. Bets are essentially numbered slots that correspond to potential numbers on a roulette wheel.
  • When the roulette dealer spins the wheel, a ball lands on one of the slots at random. If the ball lands on one of the numbers you’ve wagered on, you will get a payout.
  • At this point, players can then spin again or change their bets. At a typical online or live roulette table, there isn’t any single winner. Instead, many people can win at the same time. There’s also no formal end to the game.

There are several different bets you can place when playing standard or more exotic versions of roulette:

  • Straight bets — you put one chip on one number
  • Split bets — you place a chip on the line between two numbers
  • Street bets — you put your chip on the line at the foot of a column of three different numbers
  • Square bets — you place your chip in the center of a square comprised of four numbers
  • Six line bets — you place your chips in the corners of two different columns at their feet and these bets allow you to wager on six numbers simultaneously
  • Color bets — you place your chips on 18 numbers in total, including putting put chips on the red or black icons at the head of the roulette board
  • Dozens bets — you bet on 12 numbers and you have to put your chips on specially labeled sectors to do these bets
  • High or low bets — you bet on roulette outcomes between the number ranges of 1 and 18 or 19 and 36
  • Odd or even bets —  you put your chips down on sectors clearly labeled “odd” or “even”
  • Column bets — you place your chips on column squares located to the right of the board

As you play online roulette more freely, you’ll get the hang of these exotic bets and discover the best ways to play. While you play roulette, you should use a roulette betting system, which serves as a broad strategy. Some of the best online roulette strategies include:

  • The Martingale betting system allows you to make even money bets, so when you lose a bet, double your wager. This makes it unlikely you’ll lose your complete bankroll unless you have a little bit to wager.
  • The Labouchere betting system, where you decide what you want to win ahead of time, permits you to change how much you bet with each round based on whether you are winning or losing.
  • The Fibonacci strategy has you place your chips based on the Fibonacci sequence, such as one, two, three, five, eight, 13, etc.
  • The D’Alembert betting system is similar to the Martingale system.

How To Play At The Best Online Roulette Casinos In New York

For now, the best online roulette casinos in New York don’t exist.  However, you should never spend your money or sign up for an illegal or offshore real money casino site. These sites are more dangerous and may lead to identity theft problems or financial issues in the future.

Playing Legal Roulette Online In New York

New York’s gambling laws clearly state that online casino games for real-world money are strictly illegal. If you want to stay firmly within the realm of legality, you need to avoid illegal or offshore site.

Illegal or offshore casino apps are bad choices because

  • They never have great table games or slot variety to begin with. Even if you find an offshore casino app that doesn’t steal your money or cause you other problems, odds are you won’t find the best games online there. Your online casino experience will be subpar more often than not.
  • They don’t have great digital security. Because of this, cybercriminals, hackers, and other malicious actors can easily get a hold of your personal information or any money you put into your account. If they steal it, there’s little you can do about it aside from alerting the authorities and trying to close your offshore casino account.
  • They may steal your money. Remember, offshore or illegal casino sites, by their very nature, are not beholden to US law. What’s to stop them from taking any money you deposit into your account? Nothing at all.

All of these downsides clearly indicate that playing roulette online in New York means using demo modes. Alternatively, you can visit any of the legal and licensed in-person casinos scattered throughout New York or head to a different state.

Roulette In New York FAQs

Is online roulette legal in New York?

Only in a demo format. You cannot play online roulette for real-world money in New York at this time. That’s because online casino games for real-world cash are overall illegal.

How old do I need to be to play roulette online in New York?

In demo modes, you can play at any age. When online casino apps launch in New York, it isn’t clear what the age requirement will be.  21 is the most likely age, however.

Do online casinos in New York offer live dealer roulette games?

No. You cannot find any real money online casinos in New York. However, once they launch, live dealer games will almost for sure be offered. 

How do odds work when playing real money roulette online?

No matter which version of roulette you play, the inherent house advantage is usually around 5.26%. In theory, if you bet $100, your return rate will be about $94.74. However, you can win many times and in several multiples of your initial wager amount. Generally, it’s wise to bet conservatively on roulette until you know what you’re doing, then to gradually increase your wagers after coming up with a betting strategy.

Can I play real money roulette on my mobile phone or tablet?

Only if you go to a neighboring state like Connecticut, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey. Each of these states offers legal online casino industries. If you go to these states, you can download a real money online casino to your mobile device and enjoy roulette games.

Are online roulette sites legit in New York?

No. If a site says that you can play roulette for real money in New York, it is an illegal site, likely offshore.

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