Aaron Judge Home Run Odds: Will Yankees’ Slugger Break Roger Maris’ Record?

There are many records that Aaron Judge is chasing with his home run slugging in 2022. Sports fans in New York can wager on the over/under of his “big flies” at one of the most popular NY sports betting apps.

Caesars NY lists odds on the Over/Under for total home runs by the All-Star Yankee outfielder and leading candidate for American League Most Valuable Player Award. FanDuel previously listed the betting market, but as of the morning of Aug. 22, has removed it.

Through Aug. 21, the 30-year-old Judge has 46 homers the most in baseball.

Aaron Judge Home Run Odds

Caesars New York has listed Judge’s season home runs total at 61.5. Here are the odds:

Caesars New York:

  • Over 61.5 (+340)
  • Under 61.5 (-450)

By placing the heavier juice on the under, the oddsmakers are not confident that Judge will get to 62 home runs a magical number for Yankees fans (more on that later).

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Notes on Aaron Judge’s Home Run Pace

  • The Yankees have 40 games remaining before the action gets underway on Aug. 22
  • So far, Judge has appeared in 120 of the Yankees’ first 122 games.
  • Judge hit at least 10 home runs in May, June, and July. So far he has four homers in August.
  • In 62 games at Yankee Stadium, Judge has hit 25 home runs. The Yankees have 19 home games remaining.
  • Judge’s career HR Rate (homers per 100 at-bats) in September is 11.1, the highest of any month.
  • At his current HR Rate, projected for the Yankees’ final 40 games, Judge would hit 15 more home runs. That would push his total to 61.

Judge: Chasing Multiple Home Run Records

While most people are focusing on whether Judge can reach 61 or 62 homers to match and exceed the AL record for a single season, he’s also chasing several other marks.

In 2022, Judge could break these records for home runs:

  • Most Home Runs in AL, single season (61 by Roger Maris)
  • Most Home Runs by a right-handed batter in AL, single season (Jimmie Foxx with 58 in 1932)
  • Most Home Runs by a Yankee, single season (Maris)
  • Most Home Runs in MLB, single season (Barry Bonds with 73)
  • Most Home Runs by a right-handed batter in MLB, single season (70 by Mark McGwire)

Two Yankees Maris and Babe Ruth have hit as many as 60 home runs. In 1927, Ruth hit 60, an amazing total seeing as how no other team hit as many as 57 that season.

Among Yankees, only Roger Maris, Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Alex Rodriguez, and Lou Gehrig have hit more home runs in a season than Judge’s 46 this year. For a storied franchise that has won 27 World Championships and 40 pennants, the Yankees’ single-season home run mark has stayed stable at 61 for more than six decades.

First Non-Steroid User to Hit More than 61 Homers in a Season

Judge could also claim an unofficial record if he were to surpass the 73-homer total of Bonds. The tall Yankee would own the “non-PED” home run mark. Every player who has hit more than 61 home runs in a season Bonds, McGwire, and Sammy Sosa has been implicated or alleged to have used steroids. For many fans, only a clean player like Judge can hold the “real” home run record.

Evolution of the Yankees’ Single-Season Home Run Mark

  • 1903: Herm McFarland (5 homers)
  • 1904: Patsy Dougherty and John Ganzel (6 homers)
  • 1905: Jimmy Williams (6 homers to tie franchise record)
  • 1916: Wally Pipp (12 homers)
  • 1920: Babe Ruth (54 homers)
  • 1921: Babe Ruth (59 homers)
  • 1927: Babe Ruth (60 homers)
  • 1961: Roger Maris (61 homers*)

*Beginning in 1961, the schedule was increased from 154 games to 162 games. During the 1961 season, as Maris approached the single-season record, Ford C. Frick, the commissioner of baseball in 1961, decreed that two records would be listed in the books one for a 154-game schedule, and one for 162 games. It was commonly reported that an asterisk was attached to the Maris home run total, but that was never true. MLB does not list separate single-season home run records based on schedule length any longer.

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