All Users Get Up To $50 With Can’t-Miss FanDuel New York NY Knicks Promo

Editor’s Note: This NY Knicks Promo is no longer available, but FanDuel New York and DraftKings New York are still offering new sign-up offers for new customers.

With the FanDuel New York promo code, new users can Bet $5, Get in Bonus Bets. Claim the FanDuel NY promo code here.

In most cases, sports bettors should never use the word “lock” when describing a particular bet because virtually anything can happen in sports.

This week, however, FanDuel New York is, indeed, offering a New York Knicks bet that is sure to be a lock.

FanDuel is bringing back its Spread the Love promotion in which a point spread is moved as more bettors place wagers on it, for Thursday’s game between the Knicks and the New Orleans Pelicans. This promo is available for new and existing users.

Claim the FanDuel New York Spread the Love Promo Now

For every 500 customers in New York who bet on the Knicks in the Spread the Love market, FanDuel will adjust the spread by one point in the Knicks’ favor. As of 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, the point spread had moved from the opener of Knicks -4.5 all the way to Knicks +152.5.

To put that into perspective, the NBA record for margin of victory is 73 points, set by the Memphis Grizzlies against the Oklahoma City Thunder in December. The previous record of 68 points, was set in 1991.

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More Details For FanDuel New York Knicks Promo

The Spread the Love promo launched on Tuesday morning and will not end until the game tips off on Thursday at 7:42 p.m. ET. 

By 3 p.m. ET on Wednesday, more than 78,500 customers had bet on the game. Many more are expected to do so before the game begins. There is no limit to how the point spread can go, but there is a limit on how much each customer can bet. The max bet is set at $50.

Every wager placed in the market will receive the final point spread regardless of what the point spread the wager is placed on. So, if you bet it when the point spread is +152.5 and it ends at 175.5, your bet will revert to 175.5.

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FanDuel New York Promo Code For New Users

Existing users at FanDuel New York can simply click on the Spread the Love link to place their wager on the Knicks. 

New users, however, will first have to register a new account. The great news is, those new users will get something else in return. FanDuel New York’s promo gives new users up to .

Make sure to read the terms and conditions because new users will not want to use their risk-free bet on the Spread the Love promo.

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FanDuel Spread The Love History

FanDuel introduced its Spread the Love promo in 2019, and customers have been taking advantage of some can’t-miss offers ever since.

Here is a list of some of the other closing point spreads that occurred:

  • New England Patriots +65 vs. LA Chargers in October 2021 (Connecticut only)
  • Phoenix Suns +174.5 vs. LA Lakers in October 2021 (Arizona only)
  • Penn State football +167.5 vs. Iowa in October 2021 (Pennsylvania only)
  • Philadelphia 76ers +59.5 vs. Milwaukee Bucks in February 2020 (Pennsylvania only)
  • Denver Nuggets +117 vs. LA Clippers in August 2020 (Colorado only)
  • Indiana men’s basketball +118 vs. Michigan State in February 2020 (Indiana only)
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