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When Will Bally Bet NY Launch?

On January 25, Bally’s chairman Soo Kim believed that Bally Bet would launch in the New York market in April. While they would miss major sports betting events like the NFL Super Bowl and March Madness for college basketball, they are looking at long-term success in the industry.

As other smaller competitors in sports betting have noted, spending at the top level has been excessive. Sportsbooks are spending a lot of money to bring in New Yorkers, and there’s a very high tax rate on earnings. Since that doesn’t seem feasible for Bally Bet, they will come into the market in the second quarter of 2022.

We’ll let New Yorkers know what special promos and bonuses are offered by Bally Bet in their state when the announcements happen. Until that time, bettors can consider other sportsbooks that are currently live. Here are three offers now available on highly-rated sports apps:


Bally Bet New York Promo Code May 2022

At this time, Bally Bet hasn’t announced an opening bonus for new account holders in New York. That said, we can make some predictions based on what it offers to Colorado and Iowa bettors. In these states, Bally Bet offers a $550 risk-free bet. Place your first wager and if it’s a loss, Bally Bet will refund you in site credit.

Terms & conditions apply.


Aside from the above-mentioned opening bonus, Bally Bet has an excellent promotional program: the Trophy Case. In a nutshell, this rewards program allows Bally Bet users to earn trophies by betting on specific sports or wager types. They can earn points over time and eventually redeem those trophies for free bets in the form of site credit.

Additionally, Bally Bet offers a great rewards program. The more you use the sportsbook, the more you’ll get rewards to spend on the app. All in all, Bally Bet’s bonuses and promotions are pretty great for a new sportsbook without the biggest user base just yet.


Odds are constantly changing leading up to and during the game. So, there’s no single sportsbook with the best odds every time. However, there are sportsbooks that consistently offer competitive odds. Savvy sports bettors should have multiple sportsbook accounts so they can shop for the best odds. Here’s why Bally Bet should be one of those books.

How To Get The Best Point Spread And Over/Under Odds

There are two parts of a point spread or over/under bet that bettors must know how to judge. First, bettors need to know which point spread and over/unders are better for them. Over and underdog bettors want the largest numbers. They’d rather have +1.5 than +1. Under and favorite bettors want the smallest numbers. -1.5 would be better than -1.

Then bettors can judge the odds. As always, the highest odds are the best odds. The standard odds on point spreads and over/unders are -110 on each side. But the odds can move away from this standard, especially on point spreads. So, bettors will still have to odds shop. Here’s an example of those odds comparisons from Bally Bet and DraftKings:

 Bally BetDraftKings
Miami Heat-1.5 (-110)-1 (-110)
Philadelphia 76ers+1.5 (-110)+1 (-110)

On this line, Bally Bet has the better spread on both sides of the line. Since the odds are the same, bettors would place their bets at Bally Bet because it has the better spread. Bettors should get in the habit of comparing their odds when they make their sports wagers.

How To Shop For The Best Bally Bet Moneyline Odds

Shopping for the best moneylines is easy. All bettors have to do is find the highest odds. They can vary widely across sportsbooks. So, it’s important to shop for the best odds every time. Here’s a quick example of a baseball line from Bally Bet and PointsBet:

 Bally BetPointsBet
Toronto Blue Jays-160-160
Cleveland Guardians+140+135

On this line, Bally Bet has a 20-cent line, which means there’s only a 20-point difference between the odds. Smaller differences between both sides of the line usually mean better odds for bettors. But bettors have to check every line if they want the best odds every time.

How To Find The Best Futures Odds

Once again, bettors want to find the highest odds across their sportsbook accounts. There are two ways to narrow down which sportsbooks are worth a bettor’s time.

One is to check the theoretical hold of a sportsbook’s futures section. It’s tedious, but it’s a guideline of how competitive odds will be overall. So, a book with a 15% theoretical hold would have better odds overall than a book with a 25% theoretical hold.

However, high-hold books can still have better odds on individual teams than low-hold books. So, bettors always have to shop for the best odds. Here’s an example from 2023 NFL futures:

 Bally BetWynnBET
NFL Futures Theoretical Hold23.81%24.15%
San Francisco 49ers Odds+1,300+1,200

Bally Bet’s theoretical hold is slightly smaller than WynnBET’s. But they’re close enough that they both offer similarly competitive futures odds. So, bettors can browse all of Bally Bet’s futures knowing that it’s worth the time to check its lines.


Unfortunately, there will be some markets not available on Bally Bet that will make bettors scratch their heads. Some of the top leagues will have more than enough options for bettors, but other sports may not.

For example, the NHL is fairly limited in team and player props. They either won’t offer them or will come in later than the competition. Golf is very limited for round and tournament matchups. Major soccer leagues, like the English Premier League, have a decent amount of options. However, most of the competition thwarts it with their offerings.

That’s essentially what it comes down to for every sport. Bally Bet does have a wide range of sports offered, including popular leagues to those with niche followings. But it lacks in depth for specific props and options. 

When it comes to New York, you should expect dedicated betting lines for major New York and New England sports teams in the NFL and MLB, like the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, and more. As time goes on, Bally Bet will likely get more competitive in this category.


The majority of competing sportsbooks offer a variety of online deposit and cash-out methods, like PayPal transfers, credit and debit card transfers, and more. Fortunately, Bally Bet only has a couple of cash-on deposit methods available at this time: credit or debit card transfers, Play+ prepaid card, or eCheck deposits. This is pretty low compared to the deposit and withdrawal methods offered by many other online sportsbook platforms.


Bally Bet’s mobile app is decent through and through, but it’s a little ugly. The design of the app is the worst among the competition. A significant amount of default red-on-black can be a bit straining. On some mobile phones, the text can be extremely small to read numbers for spreads, totals, and odds.

The organization is also, to put it bluntly, horrible. NFL player props are in its own section, not within the broad NFL category. When clicking into an NFL game, first and anytime TD bets for players are available, but other props are accessed elsewhere.

For NBA games, no player props are offered when jumping into a game. Those must be accessed through their specific category. It’s also a chore to browse and look through because the odds are displayed clear across the other side of the screen as they continue to use an unnecessary three-box layout for props. That format should be exclusive to showing moneyline, spread, and total.

Despite the visual experience, the app functions pretty well. It’s lightweight, so navigation is pretty fast. The only exception is needing to tap on “More” at the top-right of a game to view additional betting markets, which is hard to see. Most bettors may not even see the option and won’t know there’s more to bet on as most sportsbook apps allow you to click anywhere on the game to view more options.

It’s pretty clunky to browse through the app when it comes to looking through special markets. However, selecting bets, clicking on the bet ticket option, and customizing those selected bets is very smooth. You can place multiple straight bets simultaneously or quickly turn those bets into a parlay or teaser wager with the tap of a few buttons.

Promotions scroll through quickly at the top to get a handle on what the sportsbook offers. Live bets are easily accessible with an option at the bottom, and it’s easy to search for specific sporting events.

While the app could be a bit smoother in some areas and look a little better, it’s not a bad experience in the few states where it is currently active. Last year, the company announced that a sportsbook app refresh is planned, so expect a new version when Bally Bet opens up in New York.


Bally Bet offers a fairly average wagering experience. It has the basics down and the lightweight app seems to run smoothly on mobile devices. However, that is somewhat negated with the awful navigation structure and unappealing design. Lack of market depth also hurts for bettors that are looking for specific options.

It’s going to be easy to take a pass on Bally Bet for bettors with multiple sportsbooks. With navigation quirks and lack of depth, it may not be worth opening up the app and comparing it with the competition.

On the bright side, Bally Bet is a newcomer to the industry and has some positives on its side. They own various regional sports networks to gain additional outreach for their sportsbook. A revamped app is also expected to come out in the near future.

Bally Bet is playing a longer game in the sports betting industry. Instead of diving in with the established competition, they will come out later in New York. This is looking like a good strategy with many areas to improve upon, and we’ll look forward to their upcoming launch in the Empire State.

Is Bally Bet Sportsbook Legit?

Yes, even though it does not have as much of a familiar name compared to other sportsbooks. Bally Bet is legitimate for the following reasons:

  • It has connections to 21 regional sports networks owned by Fox
  • It has a variety of promotional campaigns with regional sports networks
  • It has already been vetted by the Colorado and Iowa sports wagering regulatory organizations
  • It will be forced to include high-quality digital security before launch
  • It has excellent insurance for its players

Why Choose Bally Bet NY Over Illegal Betting Sites?

It’s true that online sports betting isn’t fully legal in New York at this time. But there is still no reason to use an illegal betting site, especially since:

  • Offshore betting sites have subpar odds
  • Illegal betting sites don’t have good digital security
  • Your personal information and money is at risk when you use an illegal betting site

Can You Trust Bally Bet NY With Your Money?

Yes, as it is licensed and regulated by the New York State Gaming Commission. This requires having good digital security and insurance to cover digital hacks or data breaches.

Bally Bet NY Fact Sheet

How old do you have to be?21
What states is Bally Bet legal in?CO, IA

Bally Bet New York Sportsbook FAQ

Is Bally Bet Legit?

Yes. It has already launched in a handful of states, including Colorado and Iowa. New York has approved Bally Bet to launch in the state, and that should happen in the near future.

Do you have to be in New York when you place a sports wager at Bally Bet?

Yes, Bally Bet will almost certainly install geolocation software when it is installed on your phone to ensure you only place bets within New York state lines.

Is Bally Bet Legal In New York?

It will be legal and regulated in the state of New York when it potentially launches in April 2022.

Can you do in-play betting at Bally Bet in New York?

This app will likely offer in-play betting to New York residents. It already offers in-play betting to sports bettors in states where it is currently live.

Who will Bally Bet be partnered with in New York?

We don’t know at this time, but it may partner with one of New York’s local casinos.

How many different sports will you be able to bet on using Bally Bet?

Similar to other states, Bally Bet will probably let you place bets on all major American sports, as well as niche sporting activities like NASCAR races, darts, cricket, and more.

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