The Best Super Bowl Passing Props: How Will Mahomes and Hurts Perform?

Wagers are already whizzing through cyberspace as Super Bowl 57 quickly approaches. Of course, the betting markets on the moneyline, point spread, and over/under are getting a ton of action, but one of the best places to put money is on Super Bowl passing props.

Passing props are essentially bets on the success of the leading man on each team. Both quarterbacks have great lines on their passing yards, passing touchdowns, and passing completions. Odds on passing props let sports bettors pick the over/under on the total yards in each category.

Prop bets are a fantastic way to spice up the entertainment before and during the game. They give sports bettors dozens of markets to choose from and plenty of chances to leverage sports betting promos, bonuses, and more. Today we’re looking at the best Super Bowl passing props across top NY sportsbooks.

Super Bowl 57 is on Sunday, Feb. 12, with the broadcast starting on FOX at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Chiefs Super Bowl Passing Props

Patrick Mahomes is widely viewed as the best quarterback in the NFL. He’s going into Super Bowl 57 nursing a high ankle sprain from the divisional round. What does that mean for his gameplay? He’s expected to do a whole lot of passing.

Here are the best Mahomes passing props across NY sportsbooks.

Patrick Mahomes Passing Yards

Caesars Sportsbook NY has good odds on Mahomes’ passing yards, with the total currently set at 290.5. Some sportsbooks have the total set a little higher. On FanDuel NY, for example, it’s at 292.5. Here are the lines from Caesars Sportsbook on Mahomes’ total passing yards:

  • Mahomes to pass over 290.5 yards (-117)
  • Mahomes to pass under 290.5 yards (-117)

Bet this prop at FanDuel Sportsbook and claim a $3,000 No Sweat First Bet.

Patrick Mahomes Passing TDs

Mahomes’ total passing touchdowns is set at 1.5 across most sportsbooks. If you want to bet the Over, FanDuel NY has a great payout right now, while if you want to bet the Under, DraftKings NY has better odds. Of course, odds are continually changing, so shopping your bets across sportsbooks is always a good idea.

  • FanDuel NY for Mahomes to get over 1.5 passing TDs: -200
  • DraftKings NY for Mahomes to get under 1.5 passing TDs: +175

Bet this prop at BetRivers NY Sportsbook and claim a second-chance bet of $100.

Patrick Mahomes Pass Completions

Mahomes is also expected to make the most pass completions during the game. His total is set on most sportsbooks at 25.5 as of Monday, Feb. 6, which means sportsbooks generally think he won’t complete 26 or more passes. Here are his odds on BetMGM NY:

  • Mahomes to complete over 25.5 passes: +100
  • Mahomes to complete under 25.5 passes: -135

Patrick Mahomes Pass Attempts

By comparison to his pass completion odds, Mahomes is expected to attempt somewhere around 38.5 passes. Here are his odds on Caesars NY:

  • Mahomes to attempt over 38.5 passes: -129
  • Mahomes to attempt under 38.5 passes: -106

Patrick Mahomes Longest Completion

On most sportsbooks, both QBs have a longest completion over/under set at 37.5. Mahomes is edging out Hurts on FanDuel with 38.5 over/under. FanDuel also has the Over favored slightly as of Monday, Feb. 6. Here are the odds from FanDuel NY:

  • Mahomes’ longest completion over 38.5 yards: -106
  • Mahomes’ longest completion under 38.5 yards: -125

Eagles Super Bowl Passing Props

Eagles’ QB Jalen Hurts is known as a triple-threat quarterback. He’s good at passing, he’s good at running, and he’s good at outsmarting the defense. Most sportsbooks have his passing totals slightly lower than Mahomes. If you’re bullish on Hurts and think he’ll be passing heavily, you might want to opt for the Overs. If you think the Eagles are looking for more of a running strategy against Kansas City, then look for the best odds on the under.

Jalen Hurts Passing Yards Prop

Sportsbooks seem slightly divided on Hurts’ total passing yards for the Super Bowl. Caesars and DraftKings both have him at 241.5, while FanDuel currently has an over/under of 238.5, and BetMGM has the highest total at 242.5.

Here are the odds from DraftKings NY:

  • Hurts to pass over 241.5 yards (+105)
  • Hurts to pass under 241.5 yards (-135)

Bet this prop at DraftKings Sportsbook and claim up to $1,250 in betting bonuses.

Jalen Hurts Passing TD Prop

Hurts and Mahomes are even in the odds on passing touchdowns which currently sit at an over/under of 1.5. Here are Hurts’ passing TD prop odds from Caesars Sportsbook:

  • Hurts to get over 1.5 passing TDs: -109
  • Hurts to get under 1.5 passing TDs: -125

Bet this prop at Caesars Sportsbook and claim a $1,250 first bet on Caesars.

Jalen Hurts Pass Completions Prop

Here are the odds from BetMGM NY for Hurts’ total pass completions:

  • Hurts to complete over 20.5 passes: -135
  • Hurts to complete under 20.5 passes: +100

Jalen Hurts Pass Attempts Prop

Compare his completion props to pass attempts on BetMGM NY, with a total set at 31.5 attempts.

  • Hurts to attempt over 31.5 passes: -105
  • Hurts to attempt under 31.5 passes: -125

Jalen Hurts Longest Completion

Most sportsbooks are setting Jalen Hurts’ longest pass completion at 37.5 yards. Here are his odds from FanDuel NY:

  • Hurts’ longest completion over 37.5 yards: -114
  • Hurts’ longest completion under 37.5 yards: -114

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