NY Giants Super Bowl Odds: Will the Longshot Bet Come Through for a Third Time?

Hope springs eternal, Giants fans. And this week, ahead of the team’s matchup against the powerhouse Eagles, we’re looking with hope at the NY Giants’ Super Bowl odds.

By “hope,” we mean the kind of hope you feel the moment a QB lets fly a Hail Mary pass. The kind of hope you feel when the Death Star is about to obliterate the Rebel Base, and the good guys’ only chance is one near-impossible shot on target.

Long-shot hope.

Han Solo may have said, “Never tell me the odds,” but NY sports betting odds are what we do here. And while a Giants’ win may be a long shot, there’s always something to bet on.

The Giants Record Against the Odds So Far This Year

Let’s not forget that the New York Giants have already beaten the odds. With a regular-season record of 9-7-1, they smashed the Over for their regular-season win total, which was set at 7 at the beginning of the season by all of the top New York sports betting operators.

Their odds to make the playoffs were +230, and their odds to miss the playoffs for another season were -275. Literally against the odds, they both made the playoffs for the first time since 2016 and won their first playoff game since their Super Bowl victory year in 2012.

They’re also 13-4 against the spread this season.

Maybe the Giants’ mantra should be, “never tell me the odds.” But that’s not ours. So here’s what you need to know about the Giants’ odds for the rest of the playoffs.

NY Giants Odds to Win the NFC

To win the NFC, the Giants will have to beat the Eagles on Saturday a game in which they are 7.5-point underdogs then go on to defeat the winner of the Cowboys/49ers Divisional Playoff game. All three teams have 12 or more wins to the Giants’ 9. The Giants have lost twice to both the Eagles and the Cowboys and have yet to face the 49ers this season.

It’s for all these reasons we’re sorry to say that the Giants are at the bottom of the odds to win the NFC. To make matters worse, their NFC East rivals, the Eagles, are at the top.


For sports bettors, a bet on the Giants to win outright is obviously a massive risk. Instead, we’re going with betting on the Giants to beat the spread. (Remember, they’re 13-4 ATS.)

NY Giants Odds to Win the Super Bowl

OK, obviously, these aren’t looking great. But let’s look at just how long Giants Super Bowl odds are.

They were at 150-to-1 at the start of the season, and now  thanks to an unexpected playoff performance they’re sitting at 30-to-1. It’s a heck of a lot better than they started the season, but still second-to-last of the remaining playoff teams. Only the Jaguars’ odds are worse.

Scroll through graphic below to see all of the teams’ odds.



In both of the Giants’ recent Super Bowl wins (2007 and 2011 seasons), they were underdogs in the final matchup. In fact, their 2007 season victory was the third-biggest upset in Super Bowl history based on the point spread.

So yeah, we’re saying there’s a chance. It’s just a long one.

AP Photo/Stacy Bengs

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