Best Prop Bets for Jets vs. Bills: It’s Go Time for Josh Allen, Not for Zach Wilson

This Sunday, Nov. 6, it’s a divisional battle between two New York teams the New York Jets and the Buffalo Bills. Whether you’re Bills Mafia or a diehard Jets fan, we’ve got something to spice up the game for any sports bettors: the best Jets vs. Bills player props.

The Jets (5-3) are welcoming Buffalo to their home field, which surprisingly may not be an advantage for them. They’re 1-3 at home this season and 4-0 away. The Bills (6-1) have three wins at home and three away, and one loss away.

Regardless of home or away, both teams are having a great season so far. The Bills are Super Bowl favorites, though the Eagles have edged them out in total wins so far with a 7-0 record.

The Bills are averaging more passing yards per game than any other team, thanks in large part to QB superstar Josh Allen and WR Stefon Diggs. Their defense isn’t suffering much, either.

The NY Jets, on the other hand, are struggling on offense, with Zach Wilson proving to be an uneven presence at best. And yet, he’s 4-1 so far, which is better than many fans and analysts expected. With a strong defensive game, the Jets have a chance to at least give the Bills something to think about.

The Bills are arguably the best team in the league right now, and even though the Jets are doing surprisingly well (Check the Jets’ Playoffs Odds here), they’ll need to play a perfect game to compete against Josh Allen and Co.

Best Jets vs. Bills Player Props

Player props are a great way to get more entertainment from any game. Here are the best Jets vs. Bills player props across NY sports betting outlets for the top players in the Jets vs. Bills game Sunday.

Josh Allen, Bills QB

Allen had a surprisingly subpar game against the Packers last week, with just 13 completions out of 25 attempts and two interceptions. The crazy thing is he still got 218 yards, averaging over eight yards per attempt, and threw two touchdowns. Oh yeah, and Buffalo won the game. So how will Allen stack up against the Jets? The Jets’ pass rushers have 21 sacks so far this season, keeping up a 31% pressure rate. They had six sacks against the Patriots just last week. However, Allen has only taken 11 sacks this season.

Overall, Allen looks outstanding this season. He’s holding to a 65.5% completion rate, which is slightly above his career average of 62.7%. He’s thrown 19 touchdowns and just six interceptions. He’s third in passing behind Joe Burrow and Tom Brady, with a total of 2,198 yards so far.


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Zach Wilson, Jets QB

Wilson is a mixed bag. The Jets lost to the Patriots last week, but Wilson threw for over 300 yards for the first time in his professional career and finished the game with 355 yards and two touchdowns. The flip side? He also threw three picks and completed 48.8% of his passes.

With RB Breece Hall’s season-ending injury, Wilson has lost one of his best offensive weapons. He was never going to be a star quarterback this season, but things are looking extra tough on the field. He’s facing a top-10 defensive line in the Bills, who are tied for third, allowing an average of 298 total yards per game.

Stefon Diggs, Bills WR

Diggs is potentially the best wide receiver in the NFL, and he’s catching passes from one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s first in receiving touchdowns in the NFL with seven so far this season and second to Miami’s Tyreek Hill in receiving yards with 764. Last week, Diggs clocked over 100 yards and one touchdown against the Packers. He averages close to 110 yards per game. Can Diggs keep up the same performance against Sauce Gardner and D.J. Reed? The Jets will give him a hard time, but if anyone can do it, it’s this guy.


Garrett Wilson, Jets WR

With an injured Corey Davis, Garrett Wilson has moved into position as WR1. In last week’s game against the Patriots, he caught six of seven for 115 yards. He’s got the talent, clearly, but he had several dud weeks to start the season. Can he keep delivering against the Bills’ tough defensive play? He certainly seems to be gaining some momentum.


Ahmad “Sauce” Gardner, Jets CB

In Jets vs. Bills prop bets, a big storyline is a matchup between the Jets’ rookie cornerback Sauce Gardner and Bills’ star wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Gardner was the fourth overall draft pick this year, and he hasn’t disappointed yet. He’s held QBs to a 63.8 rating and is tied for most passes defended with 12. On the other hand, he has just one interception. The Bills are likely to be ready for the Sauce, and if they’re smart, they’ve built a game plan around neutralizing his strengths.

Von Miller, Bills LB

Zach Wilson will be facing a dominant defense led in part by Von Miller. Miller is seventh in the NFL in sacks so far this season with 6. Combined with Greg Russo, they have 11 sacks, and the team’s pass rush has 21 sacks. Miller wasn’t able to do much in last week’s game against the Packers, but the main reason was Green Bay’s odd choice to run the ball most of the game, which Miller even asked Packers’ QB, Aaron Rodgers, about. With Zach Wilson leaning more on his passing game, Von Miller may have the window he needs.

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