Super Bowl 57 Odds — Could The Jets Or Giants Be Next Year’s Longshots? 

Neither the Jets nor the Giants gave their fans something to be excited about last season, but the Cincinnati Bengals might have by nearly winning the Super Bowl. Like the Jets and Giants, the Bengals were not expected to be very good last season. The odds were certainly against all three winning Super Bowl 56, but Cincinnati got to the game and had the lead over the LA Rams going into the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

Almost does not count except for horseshoes and hand grenades, of course, but if the Bengals near-win is not proof enough, remember the 1999 Rams? Their odds in the preseason were the same as the Bengals’ were before the 2021-22 season +15,000. Those Rams won the Super Bowl.

So, if the Bengals can almost do it and the 19999 Rams can, why not the Jets or the Giants? Here are the current betting odds at New York sportsbooks for both teams to win the Super Bowl next season.

Super Bowl 57 Odds For Jets And Giants

Super Bowl 57 Betting OddsDraftKingsCaesarsFanDuelBetMGM
New York Giants+8000+10000+8500+8000
New York Jets+15000+20000+15000+15000

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What The Jets Need To Do

In one offseason, the Bengals found a way to turn things around and nearly win the franchise’s first Super Bowl. If they can do it, there is no reason to think the Jets can’t, right?

The Jets will need to overhaul their defense much like the Bengals did last offseason. Every position needs help, though the Jets will likely prioritize the front seven over the secondary. The offense is not in dire straits like the defense, but it could use some help at several positions (i.e., wide receiver, tight end, offensive line, etc.).

With nine picks in the draft, including two in the top 10, the Jets could add a lot of talent. What they don’t get via the draft, they can use some of the $48 million in cap space to fill in the remaining roster holes. If they pick well and spend better, they might have an outside shot at turning the team around.

It’s unlikely, but it is not impossible.

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Giants Might Have An Easier Time Making The Transformation

The Bengals put a lot of work into one side of the ball while counting on a couple of key additions and a healthy quarterback making the difference on offense. A similar strategy may be necessary for the Giants, but the G-men will likely focus on the offense instead of the defense.

Nothing went well for the Giants on offense last season, but they do not necessarily need to overhaul the entire unit— just the offensive line, which ranked 30th in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus. Better blocking will help just about everyone improve, especially QB Daniel Jones.

On the defensive side of the ball, they could use an edge rusher and some help at linebacker. Depth in the secondary could provide some competition. However, most of the roster improvements will probably have to happen via the draft.

The Giants have 11 draft picks, including the No. 5 and No. 7 selections. What they do not have, though, is cap space. According to, the Giants are currently about $11 million over the cap. The front office could create some space but doing so will likely create other needs.

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Betting Analysis

It is hard to see either team making it to Super Bowl 57, but that is what people said about the Bengals at this time last year. If you want to roll the dice on one of them, go with the Jets. The Giants have fewer holes, but Daniel Jones is a huge question mark. Without more from him, the Giants don’t stand a chance.

Yes, the Jets have plenty of holes on the roster, but they have enough cap space and draft picks to take care of many of them. If they can, then it’s up to head coach Robert Saleh to prove his worth and turn the team into a contender. It is not uncommon for second-year head coaches to take their team to the Super Bowl.

Some have even won it all.

Is it likely to happen? No, of course not. But is it worth wagering $10 at one of New York’s sportsbooks to have a shot at winning $1,500 or possibly turning $1 into $150? Well…

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