Super Bowl LIII tips and predictions

The next edition of the Super Bowl is a full nine months away but even that isn’t enough to hold punters back from wanting to bet on it so far in advance, with a handful of the UK’s top bookies already making odds on each potential winner accessible. Likely winners come in the form of recent Super Bowl winners or sides that sit with impressive records for taking that all-important trophy in years gone by.

Even with the odds available and plenty of indication over the likely favourites from results in the past few editions of the tournament, picking your own Super Bowl 53 tips can be quite stressful. Websites like TeamFA come in handy for competitions such as the Super Bowl, as they provide American football betting tips, odds, predictions, previews, as well as NFL tips for the week, which are frequently posted out for their fans.

Several factors come into play when the bookmakers decide upon the odds for specific sporting events, and there’s even greater depth for choosing each team’s price prior to a competition even getting underway. This can be built on the number of wins over recent attempts, the number of wins throughout the history of the tournament, key player availability, management quality or current form.

Current favorites for Super Bowl 53 in terms of odds are:

New England Patriots at 4/1 – With a tendency to be ranked as the most likely to scoop the Super Bowl, it’s hard to imagine a time where any other NFL side are seen as being superior to the New England Patriots. Sitting with five wins to be ranked second most successful after the Pittsburgh Steelers, it’s The Patriots’ impressive ability to reach the final which sees them as being so favourable, with ten appearances in the Super Bowl, where they’ve looked likely to succeed almost every time.

Philadelphia Eagles at 7/1 – Past attempts at the Super Bowl have the Philadelphia Eagles down at thirteenth for their record in the tournament, but the incredible win seen in the last edition is enough to have them seen as second favourite. They’ve only featured in three Super Bowl finals throughout the history of the competition but were clinical last time, overcoming clear favourites New England Patriots by 41 points to 33.

Green Bay Packers at 9/1 and Pittsburgh Steelers at 9/1 – Although it’s unlikely that many punters will be adding the Green Bay Packers as outright Super Bowl winners to their NFL tips for the week, they’ve got a strong record for sides outside of the top few favourites. Super Bowl history has them making five appearances and winning in four of those attempts, so there will be some riskier NFL punters wagering money on them.

Alternatively, the same bookie odds are handed to Pittsburgh Steelers, who are the last side with odds under 10/1 before we get into the much less likely sides in contention. The Steelers are technically the most successful of all sides in Super Bowl history, winning a record six times and featuring eight times, equating to a 75%-win ratio.

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