The Biggest and Best Facts about the Super Bowl 50

We are just a few days away from the most important US sports event – the National Football League (NFL) final – more commonly known as the Super Bowl. The match will take place next Sunday, on February 7th, at the Levi‘s Stadium in Santa Clara, California where Carolina Panthers will face Denver Broncos. Let‘s take a look at some of the most interesting Super Bowl facts and figures.


Super Bowl 50 may become the most expensive game in the NFL history. At the moment the average ticket price is $5,217. The cheapest that you can get the tickets for is approximately $3,5K, but those who want the premium places may have to pay as much as $10K per ticket – or even more! These prices are not all that surprising however, considering that around 80% of all seats in the Super Bowl are given to the NFL sponsors and other VIPs.

Record breaking heights WERE reached with the price of the TV commercials during the broadcast of the Super Bowl 50. A 30 seconds ad goes for as much as $5 million. Last year the price for a 30 second video was $4,5 million.


No one should be surprised by the seven-digit prices of the TV ads as the Super Bowl will be the most watched broadcast in US. This year it is predicted that approximately ¾ of US inhabitants will turn on their TVs on Sunday. Last year Super Bowl XLIX attracted a record breaking total of 168 million viewers. An average number during the broadcast was 114,4 million and it peaked to 120,8 million unique viewers during the 4th quarter comeback.

Last 6 Super Bowl broadcasts are still at the top of the most watched US TV program list. The only other feature in the top 20 of this list is the series finale of „M*A*S*H“, which was broadcasted in 1983 and attracted 106 million viewers.

Interestingly enough,  50 years ago Super Bowl I match between Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs was filmed by two TV channels, but there is no video record left as supposedly the only tape in existence was overwritten with a soap opera in the same year.


Another beloved Super Bowl tradition is the show of the brightest stars in the music industry during the half time of the match. For example, last year 118,5 million TV viewers were watching the show of pop diva Katy Perry who produced an impressive performance which silenced her critics. This year the main role in the half time show has been given to the rock monsters Coldplay who will be joined by Beyoncé and Bruno Mars.

12 years ago during the Super Bowl XXXVIII half time show, Justin Timberlake removed Janet Jackson‘s robe, exposing her breast with a star shaped ring around the nipple. Both Timberlake and Jackson later stood firm that it was an unexpected accident and not a planned shocking element of the show.


Super Bowl Sunday is a day when Americans consume an unbelievable amount of food – most of which is hot chicken wings. According to The National Chicken Wings Council during the Super Bowl 50 there will be approximately 1,3 billion chicken wings consumed which is around 162,5 million pounds in weight.

It means that every American – man, woman and child –will eat four chicken wings on average. Super Bowl is the second largest US food consumption day, only surpassed by Thanksgiving.


If you want a person who has the most controversial feelings about the Super Bowl 50, the highly experienced NFL coach John Fox is whom you are looking for. He was fired by both of the Super Bowl teams and replaced by the coaches who now brought their teams to the most important match of the season – Ron Rivera with Carolina Panthers and Gary Kubiak with Denver Broncos.

Still, Fox didn‘t spent much time unemployed. After having been sacked by the Denver team he was hired to coach Chicago Bears last year and failed to lead Bears to the postseason in his first year.


It is already clear that the Super Bowl 50 will break many NFL records. The Broncos’ leader Peyton Manning will be the oldest starting quarterback in the Super Bowl history being 39 years old. The age gap between both Super Bowl quarterbacks is also record breaking as Cam Newton (26) is 13 years and 48 days younger than Manning. Before that the biggest age difference of the Super Bowl QBs was set in 2013 when the same P. Manning fought against Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson who is 12 years and 250 days younger.

It will be the first NFL final in which both starting quarterbacks were the first draft picks. Manning was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998. It is hard to believe, but the quarterbacks drafted by the Colts have led Broncos to seven Super Bowl matches.

Manning also became the first quarterback to reach multiple Super Bowls with two teams. He has done that twice with the Colts and now it is his second time with the Broncos.


For the 3rd year in a row, Super Bowl will be contested by the AFC and NFC top seeds. Carolina Panthers have the best scoring offense in the NFL while the Broncos‘ strength is the best scoring defence.

There are plenty of interesting stats if you are superstitious. 10 of the last 11 Super Bowl matches were won by the team who wore white (the only exception is 2011 Green Bay Packers who wore green and won). This year, the Broncos had the right to choose the color and, no surprise, they have chosen to wear white jerseys instead of their traditional orange.

It is the 8th Super Bowl appearance by the Broncos. They wore orange in four of previous seven appearances and have never managed to win – their two victories came when the team was wearing white and blue jerseys.


Carolina Panthers are safe from such superstitions as they are one of the 13 NFL teams who have never won a Super Bowl. Still, you can find other unpleasant statistics. In the NFC Championship game they crushed Arizona Cardinals and became the 8th team in the Super Bowl era to win the Conference Championship game by 30 or more points. And yet only two of the previous seven teams to win like that emerged victorious in the following Super Bowl match.

Still, the Panthers are considered as the clear favorites to win the Super Bowl 50. The TonyBet experts arepredicting that the Carolina team will win by 5 points. It’s a sound guess – we are very likely to see them fight till the last drop of blood. Six of the last eight Super Bowl winners were decided by the touchdown or an even smaller margin.

Yet in Super Bowl history the teams have never posted a total shutdown and never needed overtime.


Manning is currently holding many NFL records. The veteran playmaker is leading the league by the passing yards (17,940) and the passing touchdowns (539). In his 18 year long career, he led his teams to 199 victories and now he is tied with the legendary Brett Favre. In case of a Super Bowl 50 victory, Manning would become NFL leading QB with the gorgeous number of 200 victories.

There are rumours that it may be the last year for Manning in Denver and there is no better way to finish his glorious career than a Super Bowl 50 victory. But maybe the talented “Super Cam“ will crush his opponent‘s hopes? We will get an answer to this and all the other questions this Sunday already.

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