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New York State poker players don’t have an incredible breadth of options when it comes to playing online, but Global Poker is an option.

New York has been slow to approve any forms of online gaming. In fact, there are no major online casino or sports betting options for players in the state. Instead, the Empire State has been focused on retail sports betting and casinos in recent months. 

This approach leaves a lot to be desired for players who enjoy online casinos. New Jersey and Pennsylvania allow for relatively easy treks for legal online gambling options, especially if you’re based near NYC. But for most New York poker players sweepstakes site Global Poker remains the best option. The site lets you enjoy online poker with a chance to win real cash prizes.

Who Should Try Global Poker?

Players of all kinds will enjoy Global Poker. The site offers a variety of different poker games with buy-in tiers ranging from “micro” to “high.” You can also select from three limit options: no limit, pot limit, and fixed limit. 

In other words, you can select the game, betting limit, and buy-in that best fits your play style. There’s a game type for everyone at Global Poker; you just need to find the one that works best for you. 

Players who enjoy high stakes games might decide to play no limit, high buy-in Texas Hold’em. If you’re a rookie, you might choose to stick with micro buy-ins, fixed limit games. Thanks to Global Poker’s various options, every player can find a game and settings that fit their preferences. All that said, Global Poker is a poker-focused site. You won’t find any slots or other table games. If you’re looking for those options, I recommend heading to Chumba Casino or LuckyLand Slots. 

Global Poker Promo Codes In New York – 2021

Bonus TypeAmount
Global Poker Promo CodeNone - Click here to use our exclusive link
Sign Up Bonus$20 GC package (includes 20 SC)
Purchase BonusSC 40 with $20 GC package purchase

What Are The Purchase Bonuses At Global Poker In New York?

When you sign up for Global Poker from New York, you’ll be treated to 5,000 gold coins. These are the primary in-game currency you’ll use to play in games for fun. 

Beyond the initial gold coins, new Global Poker players receive some special purchase offers. 

Global Poker listed three offers for me once I signed up:

  • 200,000 gold coins for $20 (plus 40 free sweeps coins)
  • 10,000 gold coins for $2
  • 25,000 gold coins for $5 (plus 4 free sweeps coins)

Those are some pretty solid deals, especially if you’re looking to get a few sweeps coins to play with. If you play with sweeps coins, you can redeem winnings for real cash prizes. 

Those welcome bonuses aren’t the end of the line, either. Global Poker consistently updates its roster of bonuses, so check back often for new deals. 

To claim these bonuses, you’ll need to verify your identity in order to make a purchase. Global Poker’s site walks your through this in detail, including which documents you’ll need to provide to prove your age and identity. 

Five Minute Guide To Sweepstakes Poker In New York

Sweepstakes poker works differently than traditional, real money online poker. Here’s a quick guide to get you up to speed. 

How Does Sweepstakes Poker Work In New York?

Sweepstakes poker sites like Global Poker use a sweepstakes model to operate in New York. New York prohibits real money online casinos, but sweepstakes sites fall under a different umbrella. You play for fun with in-game currency called gold coins. But as you collect free bonuses or redeem mail-in offers (more on that below), you accumulate a second in-game currency called sweeps coins. If you play with sweeps coins, you can redeem those winnings for real cash prizes. 

Because you can get free sweeps coins as part of purchase bonuses, mail-in redemptions, and daily offers, Global Poker is allowed to operate in New York as a sweepstakes site. 

How Do Purchases Work At Global Poker In New York?

When you make a purchase on Global Poker, you’ll receive the gold coins you paid for plus, in most cases, a small amount of sweeps coins. 

New players can make purchases of gold coins up to $2,000 without verifying their account. After that point, you’ll need to verify to make a purchase. It’s actually ideal to verify well before you reach the $2,000 mark because you can’t play with sweeps coins or win cash prizes until you do. 

Verifying your account requires a form of government-issued identification. A driver’s license or passport is ideal. You’ll confirm your identity using a third party service that checks these documents. The process usually takes about a day, then you can make purchases easily. 

How Does Entry By Mail Work At Global Poker?

You can get some free sweeps coins by redeeming a mail-in offer with Global Poker. You’ll need to fill out a card with some very specific info, then mail it to:

VGW Games Limited

Global Poker Sweepstakes Department

PO Box #8486

Portsmouth, New Hampshire, 03801

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Get a #10 envelope. Write the address above on the envelope and handwrite your return address. Also include the words “Sweepstakes Credits.”
  2. Get a 4×6 unfolded, blank, unlined postcard or piece of paper and write the following information on it:
    1. Your full name
    2. The email address registered to your Global Poker account
    3. This statement; “I wish to receive Sweeps Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Global Poker. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood and agree to be bound by Global Poker’s Terms and Conditions and Sweeps Rules.”
  3. Mail your card in the envelope. 
  4. Once Global Poker receives the envelope and card, you’ll receive 5 free sweeps coins. 

Be sure to write legibly, because Global Poker can deny illegible submissions. 

How Do You Win Cash Prizes By Playing Poker?

You win cash prizes at Global Poker by playing the site’s games with sweeps coins. You’ll get sweeps coins when you make a purchase, receive a daily bonus, or redeem a mail-in offer. But you can only redeem them once you’ve played with those sweeps coins. 

To play with sweeps coins, you can click the “switch to sC” option at the top of the Global Poker webpage. Now you’ll see only sweeps coin games and be able to play for a chance at cash prizes. If you’re lucky enough to win, you can redeem your sweeps coins as long as you’ve verified your account. 

Global Poker: Player Experience Grade 4.5

Global Poker’s player experience is pretty excellent overall. It’s incredibly easy to filter for specific game types and buy-ins, and I rarely had trouble finding a game in the few hours I spent playing for this review. 

I focused primarily on Texas Hold’em games with micro-level buy-ins to get feel for the game’s cadence and features. From a user-interface standpoint, Global Poker is fantastic. In Texas Hold’em games I played, I found placing a bet, raising, calling, checking, and folding all very easy. There’s even an option labeled “check/fold” that will automatically check if nobody bets, but fold if someone raises. IT’s these little functions that make for a great online poker experience, and Global Poker delivers. 

To be honest, I’m a bit cavalier when I play poker, always holding out for that one card that’d change my hand from nothing into something. So I didn’t win much but had I employed some restraint and strategy, I think I could’ve made my 5,000 gold coins last much longer. 

I played these games between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. New York time. I only had to wait for a seat to open at a table once, and even that was only about 20 seconds. I recommend hopping on in the evening when there are more players online if you’re looking for plenty of competitors at each table. 

Global Poker: Types Of Games Available In New York Grade 5.0

You’ll see a number of available game types on Global Poker’s website. The variety ensures there’s something for every type of player. High stakes players, poker newcomers, and intermediate cardsharks will all enjoy the site’s portfolio. Here’s an overview of the site’s main games. 

Texas Hold’em

Texas Hold’em is a hugely popular poker game worldwide. Global Poker features it as one of its primary game types. Players compete to form the best poker hand using the two cards they’re dealt and five community cards. Here’s the cadence of the game:

  1. Each player receives two cards
  2. Players must either match the current bet (call) or fold. 
  3. ‘The Flop,’ aka the first set of three community cards, is revealed. 
  4. Another round of betting. 
  5. ‘The Turn,’ or the fourth community card, is revealed. 
  6. Another round of betting.
  7. ‘The River,’ or the fifth community card, is revealed.
  8. One more round of betting. 
  9. If two or more players remain in the game, they reveal their hands. The player with the highest-ranking hand wins the pot. 

Global Poker makes this entire process smooth and streamlined. The game works really well in the online format, and new players should have no trouble picking up the nuances of Texas Hold’em while playing at Global Poker. 


Omaha poker is very similar to Texas Hold’em, and if you’re familiar with one game you can easily pick up the other. 

Omaha works just like Texas Hold’em with a few tweaks. Each player received four cards in their hand. From there, the structure is the same. A three-card flop, a one-card turn, and a one-card river. The biggest difference is that you must form your hand using two of your cards and three of the community cards. There’s no mixing and matching beyond these numbers, you must use two of your cards and three of the community ones. This adds an interesting layer of gameplay because you may have three cards in your hand that form a winning combination, but you need to pair those up with community cards. 

Other Games

Omaha and Texas Hold’em aside, Global Poker has other game types to look out for. Jackpot Sit’N’Go games pit three players against one another with a randomly determined prize pool. The last player standing wins all the prize pool. 

There’s also Stud, Razz, Badugi, and a whole smorgasbord of other poker games on Global Poker. The sheer variety makes it worth your while, but it’s also a great fit if you like to stick to one game like Hold’em. 

Global Poker: Deposit And Redemption Options Grade 4.0

If you want to purchase gold coins at Global Poker, you have a few great options. You can use any of the following methods:

  • Online banking
  • Credit/Debit: MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express
  • Skrill
  • Instant ACH

The process to make a purchase is very simple, requiring a quick verification via text message. But remember, if you want to make purchases beyond $2,000 total, you will need to verify your identity. 

Redeeming sweeps coins requires full verification, no matter when or how much you wish to redeem. You’ll need to complete verification with a proper ID before you can redeem any cash prizes. The process is a bit cumbersome, but you only need to do it once, then you can redeem at any time using your verified account. You can only redeem straight to your bank account. 

Global Poker: Rake At New York’s Global Poker Grade 4.5

Rake is the term for the cut an operator takes of each bet made on the site. Because you’re not betting in a formal manner and instead are playing with in-game currency, rake at Global Poker isn’t quite the same as it is on traditional online poker sites. 

Rake at Global Poker is 5% across the board, whether you’re playing with gold coins or sweeps coins. There’s a cap on the rake based on how many players are in the game, particularly when you’re using sweeps coins. 

Global Poker has a page dedicated to rake available on its site–give it a look if you need more info. 

Global Poker: Mobile App Grade 4.0

You can play Global Poker on your smartphone or tablet, but there’s not an app for Android or iOS. In fact, if you search “Global Poker” in the iOS App Store, most of the results will be regulated online casinos from jurisdictions where real money online gambling is legal. 

Instead of a formal app, Global Poker players can enjoy the site via a mobile browser. Fortunately, the site is optimized for use on these devices, and the experience remains largely the same. You can quickly tap to make your selections and place bets. 

If you like the mobile experience, you can bookmark Global Poker to your phone’s home screen for quick and easy access. I found the mobile experience just fine, though I prefer the desktop version. 

Global Poker: Customer Service Grade 4.2

Global Poker’s support is primarily email-based. You can message them any time using the support email address The site promises to answer emails “as quickly as possible.” It took about 24 hours to get a response when I emailed this line with a simple question about how the site works. The email-only approach isn’t exactly ideal, but it’s nice to have an accessible support option. 

Global Poker also has a robust FAQ that answers a heap of questions players might have. That’s a good place to start if you’re waiting for a response from customer service. 

Is It Safe To Play Global Poker In New York?

In short: yes. But here are a few questions many players ask at first. 

Are Sweepstakes Sites Legal In The US?

Yes. Sweepstakes sites are legal in the US. The only state that prohibits them is Washington. Anywhere else in the states, you can safely enjoy sweepstakes sites like Global Poker or its sister sites Chumba Casino and LuckyLand Slots. 

People enjoy sweepstakes sites because they’re a great, legal alternative to traditional real money casinos. Though not every hand will allow you to win money, you do have a shot at real cash prizes as part of the sweepstakes model. 

Is My Information Safe On The Global Poker Site In New York?

Yes. Global Poker uses encryption tools that are the standard for websites of all kinds. Online retailers, social media sites, and many other internet destinations use encryption to secure their sites, and Global Poker is the same. 

Essentially, any information you send to Global Poker is encrypted as it moves to their systems. This protects your data from hackers or anyone who might take advantage of it. Regulated sportsbooks and casinos use the same technology to protect their players. 

Global Poker FAQ

Can I win real money at Global Poker?

You can win real cash prizes. Most of the time, you’ll play with gold coins at Global Poker. Gold coins have no real value and are considered play money. But when you play with sweeps coins, you can redeem winnings for cash prizes.

How old do I have to be to play Global Poker in New York?

Anyone 18 or above can play Global Poker in New York. You will need to create an account and enter your date of birth in order to play. If you wish to redeem any cash prizes, you’ll need to prove your age and identity with a government-issued form of identification.

Does Global Poker have an iOS or Android App in New York?

No, there’s no Global Poker mobile app. Instead, you can play from a mobile browser such as Chrome or Safari. The experience is excellent on mobile, and the user interface is well-designed to work for mobile players.

Do I have to make a purchase to play at Global Poker?

No. You can play for free using gold coins you receive for signing up and as part of daily bonuses. If you run out, though, you’ll need to wait until you get your daily bonus before you can play again.

How do I get paid from New York’s Global Poker if I win?

You get paid by completing a verification process through a third party and connecting your bank account. Any redeemed winnings will come through to your account once you complete this process.

Will People Who Like Online Poker Like This Form Of Poker?

Yes. Global Poker has Texas Hold’em and Omaha poker plus a number of other game varieties. If you like online poker, Global Poker will feel very familiar to you and you’ll pick it up no problem.

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