The New York Rangers have made the 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs. It was no question they were going to make it this season with a stunning 52-24-6 record and 110 points. They finished in second place in the Metropolitan Division.

Toward the end of the regular season, the Eastern Conference separated considerably. This solidified the eight teams that were going to play in the postseason. The Carolina Hurricanes won six straight to end the regular season and stay on top of the division.

The Rangers last won the Stanley Cup in the 1993-94 season. Their last Stanley Cup Finals appearance came in the 2013-14 season when they lost 4-1 to the Los Angeles Kings.

New York residents can place bets at retail sportsbook locations and mobile sportsbooks across the Empire State on the NY Rangers. Mobile sports betting went live on January 8, 2022. Bettors can now shop for the best team odds at some of the best sports betting apps in the US.

New York Rangers Odds At The Best Sportsbooks


2022 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview

The New York Rangers were unable to overtake Carolina in the Metropolitan Division despite having 110 points this season. But they’ll have a chance to take them down in the second round of the Eastern Conference playoffs.

Pittsburgh was an incredible test for New York. The series not only went down to Game 7, but an overtime period for the two teams. The Rangers were able to pull through with a score to tie the game in the third period from Mika Zibanejad. Artemi Panarin scored the game-winning goal in OT.

Zibanejad leads the team with 11 points in the postseason (3 goals, 8 assists). Panarin has also scored three goals in the series. The goal leader is Chris Kreider with five – three in the last two games.

This was a higher-scoring series that one would expect with defensive-minded teams. In total across seven games, there were 57 goals. That’s 13 more goals than the expected average (44.3 goals/gm) through the series.

Now the Rangers will be taking on the Hurricanes, who were also challenged through a seven-game set. The series begins on Wednesday night. The first four games scheduled will all be available on ESPN, and all games will alternate every other day. As the division winner, Carolina will have home ice.

  • Game 1 – Wednesday, 7:00 PM ET
  • Game 2 – Friday, 8:00 PM ET
  • Game 3 – Sunday, 3:30 PM ET
  • Game 4 – Tuesday, 7:00 PM ET
  • Game 5 – May 26
  • Game 6 – May 28
  • Game 7 – May 30

Latest NY Rangers News

Where Can You Bet On The NY Rangers?

New York residents can place bets on the Rangers at retail sportsbooks and from their phones through licensed sportsbooks. The New York State Gaming Commission licensed nine online sportsbooks for New York bettors to use.

Those sportsbooks include DraftKings, BetMGM, FanDuel, Caesars, and BetRivers. All of these sportsbooks take bets on the New York Rangers as well as the Stanley Cup. Seven of the nine licensed sportsbooks are now available.

Best Online Sportsbooks For Betting On The Rangers

Online sportsbooks offer a lot of benefits for bettors. For starters, you can make bets straight from your phone without waiting in a line as you do at retail sportsbooks. This helps when it comes to live betting. Bettors can immediately place wagers on live betting lines without the worry of missing the opportunity because you had to wait in a line.

Online sportsbooks also offer plenty of promotional offers when it comes to making deposits and placing bets. For example, New York bettors can use BetRivers bonus code SHARP250 when signing up for an account with the Rush Street Gaming platform to receive a $250 deposit match bonus. Other online sportsbooks will offer risk-free bets as part of their promotions.

Some online sportsbook will offer special bets with boosted odds. Many of the popular brands will include boosts for the NHL. This does not always feature the Rangers, but there could be some local boosts available for New York residents. Odds boosts could feature an enhancement for a player scoring a goal or a point, a team (or teams) to get over a certain amount of goals, or a parlay of teams to win outright.

Retail Sportsbooks For Betting On The Rangers

Retail sportsbooks also have many benefits. One of those includes instant payouts. Once a game finishes, bettors can turn in their betslips if they cashed and get paid out on the spot. Online sportsbooks may take a few hours or even days to transfer funds from your account. Almost all sportsbooks will pay cash to the bettor when they turn in their betslip. 

Retail sportsbooks also offer a fantastic live betting experience. These sportsbooks will have a wall of TVs that broadcast all the important games going on. They also offer food and drinks as well as table games and slots throughout the casino.

The Caesars Sportsbook at Yellow Brick Road Casino has a 32-foot wall with 30 LED TVs for bettors to watch all their games on. Bettors may not have multiple screens in their homes, so they might have to flip between channels to keep track of their bets. These retail sportsbooks show all the games that you could bet on. 

NY Rangers Betting News And Updates

  • After the first four games in their first-round Stanley Cup Playoff series against Pittsburgh, New York finds themselves in a 3-1 deficit. The Rangers gave up 14 total goals in back-to-back losses on the road.
  • The Rangers clinch a playoff spot after their 5-1 victory over Ottawa on April 10.
  • In the month of March, the Rangers finished with an 11-4 record, and only one of those games was a home loss (vs. Islanders).
  • After two weeks off from the ice, the New York Rangers returned and defeated Boston 2-1 in a shootout on February 15. This extended a winning streak to three games with prior wins against Seattle and Florida before the break.
  • Former goaltender Henrik Lundqvist had his No. 30 jersey retired on January 28 against Minnesota.
  • The Rangers had a big 6-3 victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs on January 19.
  • Heading into the new year, the Rangers had a terrific stretch of beating Tampa Bay in a home-and-home and defeating Edmonton after that.
  • The Rangers had their December 22nd game postponed against the Montreal Canadiens. Canadian teams have been unable to plan in Canada due to COVID-19. New York just has one more game in Canada for the rest of the season. They have to travel to Winnipeg to take on the Jets on March 6. The uncertainty of Canadian teams will likely clear up by then. Those teams will be able to resume play in their home arenas or the NHL might move those Canadian teams to the US for the remainder of the season.
  • New York’s best player, Artemi Panarin, entered COVID protocol on January 2. The Rangers went 2-1 in the games he missed, but they entered all three games as the betting underdogs.
  • Rangers starting goaltender Igor Shesterkin entered COVID protocol on January 6. Backup goaltender Alexandar Georgiev preceded to give up 5 goals in a losing effort against the Vegas Golden Knights that same day. The total for that game moved from 5.5 to 6 with the news of Shesterkin being unable to play.
  • The NHL took an early holiday break on December 21. Play did not pick back up until December 27. The NHL originally scheduled the break to start on December 23, but postponements due to COVID forced them to start it earlier.

How NY Rangers Betting Odds Are Calculated

New York bettors have multiple options when wagering on the Rangers. The three more traditional options include the spread, moneyline, and total. In hockey, the spread is referred to as the puckline. 

Sportsbooks will set the lines on a variety of factors. One of those factors includes home-rink advantage. The home crowd can play a major factor inside a closed-off arena. The noise gets trapped inside the building and can play a pivotal in the deciding moments of the game.

Oddsmakers also look at the scoring averages for the teams. A game with two high-scoring teams could see the total set at 6 or 6.5. If a game features two low-scoring teams, then the total might land at 5.5. In the 2021-22 season, we’ve seen a number of games move up to a total of 6 or 6.5 goals with higher scoring in general.

Another factor in the betting lines comes from the powerplay units. A team with a lot of penalty minutes may have less favorable odds against a team that scores a lot on the powerplay. A game with highly penalized teams may also lead to more scoring because of the 5 on 4 advantages.

New York Rangers Points Spread

The vast majority of NHL games will have a puckline of 1.5. That means that the favorite will have a line of -1.5 and the underdog will have a line of +1.5. The underdog will have lower betting odds because hockey tends to have low-scoring and tightly played games. The favorite will need to win by at least two goals for the bet to cash. 

In the Rangers’ game against the Anaheim Ducks, sportsbooks listed New York as the +1.5 underdogs with -275 odds and Anaheim as the -1.5 favorites with +220. If you place a bet on the Rangers at +1.5, you will need the Rangers to win the game or lose by one goal for the bet to cash.

A $100 on the Rangers puckline at -275 would net bettors a $36 profit. Many bettors will not make wagers on the underdog puckline. They might add it to a parlay but will not bet it straight up because of the low odds. However, long-term bettors understand that increasing odds with a parlay often leads to more losses.

If you bet on the Ducks puckline at -1.5, you would need Anaheim to win by at least two goals. A $100 bet on the Ducks at +220 puckline odds would net a return of $220. Betting the puckline favorite offers much better value, but winning by at least two goals is not an easy task in the NHL.

There’s also the issue of teams pulling their goalie for a last-ditch effort to win a contest. In many cases, teams that have an empty net will allow an additional goal for the eventual winners, which makes +1.5 puckline bets lose. Of course, there are a number of contests that end up going into overtime, which will nullify those placing -1.5 bets at the puckline.

NY Rangers Moneyline Odds

When betting the moneyline, bettors need the team they placed the wager on to win outright. They can win in regulation, overtime, or in a shootout, and they can win by any amount. If they only win by one goal, the bet still cashes. The favored team has negative odds while the underdog has plus odds.

The Rangers entered the January 6 game against the Golden Knights as the +145 underdogs. Sportsbooks did not expect them to win, which meant that the bet would have a higher payout if they did win. A $100 bet at +145 would return a profit of $145.

New York lost that game, which means that the bet did not cash. Bettors who placed wagers on the Vegas moneyline won their bets. Sportsbooks listed Vegas as -180 favorites, so a $100 bet returned a profit of $55. A Golden Knights moneyline win returned less money than a Rangers moneyline bet would have as sportsbooks expected Vegas to win the game.

NY Rangers Prop Bets

New York bettors can place wagers on Rangers single-game and end-of-season prop bets. Users can bet on who they think will win the Hart Memorial Trophy and Vezina Trophy winner. Let’s look at examples from odds listed earlier in the year.

On Caesars Sportsbook, Artemi Panari has +3500 odds to win the Hart Trophy. That ranks first among all Rangers but far behind the betting favorite Connor McDavid who has +170 odds. For the Vezina trophy, Rangers goalie Igor Shesterkin is tied for the best odds with Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender Andrei Vasilevskiy at +550.

DraftKings also lists odds for end-of-season awards. They have Rangers defenseman Adam Fox at +400 odds to win the James Norris Trophy. That puts him in a second-place tie with Victor Hedman for second-best odds. DraftKings lists Cole Makar as the favorite with +250 odds. For the Jack Adams Award, Rangers Head Coach Gerard Gallant has the fourth-best odds at +800. 

Sportsbooks also offer single-game prop bets. FanDuel has alternative spreads and totals as well as the exact score after 60 minutes of play. BetRivers also offers player prop bets such as if a player will register a point or score a goal, and bettors can place wagers on who they think will score the first goal of the game.

How To Bet On The Rangers In New York

New York bettors can make wagers on the Rangers through FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, or BetRivers. Users can get started by going to the IOS or Android app store and searching for the app.

For example, bettors can search for BetRivers NY and download the specific app. Once downloaded, users can open the app and click the yellow ‘Join Now’ button on the top right of the screen. Once there you will need to enter your information to register for an account.

Next, bettors can make a deposit through various options such as credit/debit card, PayPal, online banking accounts, and other various banking services. With funds in the account, bettors can click on the menu search bar on the left side of the screen.

At that point, you will enter ‘NY Rangers’ into the search bar and click the option that comes up. That will take you to a screen that shows all the options you have to bet on the Rangers. Those include their upcoming games as well as future bets.

You then choose the bet you want and click on the ‘Betslip’ icon on the bottom right of the screen. Finally, you enter how much you want to wager and then place the bet.

Live Betting On The Rangers In New York

Live betting happens when you bet on a game while it happens. Whenever a game gets underway, the lines will start to shift as the game goes on. If a team jumps out to a three-goal lead, then the puck line might shift from -1.5 to -3.5 for the leading team. The total will also increase or decrease depending on how many goals are scored during the game.

Live betting props will also pop up. You can bet on which team will score the next goal or whether another goal will be scored. You can also bet on how many goals will be scored within a certain timeframe. DraftKings has one of the best selections of live prop bets, but many sportsbooks have this option available. 

New York Rangers Partnerships

The Rangers have multiple sportsbook partnerships. Those include Caesars and BetMGM. Both sportsbooks are featured prominently on the Rangers’ social media pages. The Rangers are currently honoring former goaltender Henrik Lundqvist with a ‘30 Days of Henrik’ promotional campaign. Caesars Sportsbook has its name and image featured on all of these posts.

BetMGM also has featured posts on the Rangers’ social media pages. Before every game, the Rangers Twitter account posts a poll that is presented by BetMGM. Both sportsbooks have signage inside Madison Square Garden for Rangers games.

NY Rangers Arena

The Rangers play their home games in Madison Square Garden. MSG is located at 4 Pennsylvania Plaza, New York, NY, 10001. The Garden seats 18,006 people for a hockey game. Currently, MSG does not have a sportsbook inside the arena.

History of the NY Rangers

The New York Rangers are one of the six founding teams of the National Hockey League in 1926. Most of the team’s success came in the early years of the franchise. Three (1928, 1933, 1940) of their four Stanley Cup victories came within 15 years of being in the league. Their most recent and memorable Stanley Cup victory was in 1994.

Championship success has not come easily for the Rangers. During the 1960s, 70s, and 80s, the Stanley Cup remained elusive. The lone bright spots were two Stanley Cup Finals appearances in the 1970s. Meanwhile, they watched their crosstown rivals, the New York Islanders, created a Stanley Cup dynasty in the early 1980s.

Even without the same number of Stanley Cups as the other five original teams, the Rangers have been an integral part of the NHL. The franchise has produced some of the most exciting games in the NHL as well as some of its best players. Legends like Phil Esposito, Gilles Villemure, and Rod Gilbert all wore the sweater of the Rangers. In the modern game, stars like Brian Leech, Mark Messier, and Mike Ritcher entertained diehard Rangers fans at the Madison Square Garden.

New York Rangers Timeline

  • 1926: Rangers are one of the founding teams of the National Hockey League
  • 1928, 1933, 1940: Stanley Cup victories
  • 1968: Rangers move into Madison Square Garden
  • 1994: New York Rangers win the Stanley Cup against the Canucks

NY Rangers At MSG

The New York Rangers and Madison Square Garden go hand in hand. The “World’s Most Famous Arena” has been the home ice for the Rangers since its opening in 1968. The arena has played host to numerous memorable events but none are more special to Rangers fans than what happened on June 14, 1994. The 40 year Stanley Cup drought was over when the Rangers beat the Vancouver Canucks (4-3) to claim victory on their home ice. 

NY Rangers And Their Rivalries

History and geography factor into the numerous rivalries for the Rangers. As one of three NHL teams in the New York City area, the Rangers, Islanders, and New Jersey Devils compete bitterly for NY/NJ hockey supremacy. 

As one of the other six original NHL teams, the Boston Bruins continue to be a main rival for the Rangers. This rivalry is just one of many sports rivalries between teams from New York and Boston. Despite this bitter rivalry, the Rangers and Bruins made a trade in 1975 to bring future Rangers legend, Phil Esposito, to the Garden. 

With no love lost between New York and Philadelphia teams, the rivalry between the Rangers and Flyers is one of the best in sports. On the ice, the Flyers maintain a 161–147–37–9 all-time record over the Rangers. 

NY Rangers Odds FAQ

Is DraftKings legal in New York?

Yes, the DraftKings Sportsbook has a license from the New York State Gaming Commission. New Yorkers can place bets conveniently online with the DraftKings Sportsbook app, or access the website on their computer.

Is FanDuel legal in New York?

Yes, FanDuel is one of the nine online sportsbooks that obtained a license from the New York State Gaming Commission. This is also available via desktop website or mobile device app.

What is the closest sportsbook to the Rangers arena?

New York City and Manahattan do not have any sportsbooks. The closest sportsbook to Madison Square Garden happens to be in New Jersey. The FanDuel Sportsbook at Meadowlands Racing is roughly 9 miles away from the Garden.

How popular is betting on the Rangers?

Betting on the Rangers is not on the scale of football or basketball, but it is popular in a hockey sense. While the sport may not be as popular, sportsbooks do list plenty of betting options for Rangers games and the NHL overall.

Do New York’s legal sportsbooks offer bets on the Rangers?

Yes, you can bet on the Rangers from any of the nine licensed New York online sportsbooks or through a retail casino.

Do the Rangers have any partnerships with a sportsbook?

Yes, the Rangers are partnered with BetMGM and Caesars. They share the same sportsbook partnerships with Madison Square Garden and the New York Knicks. The Rangers themselves do not have an individual sportsbook partner, though.

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