NY Knicks Odds Update: Is Championship in Reach?

With just 11 games left in the regular season, analysts are turning their attention to the NY Knicks odds to make it deep into the playoffs. Today we’re catching up on Knicks’ futures odds and whether or not a championship run is within reach.

The Knicks faced a minor three-game slide last week after blazing through a nine-game win streak that stunned the league. At fifth in the East with a 41-30 record, the Knicks are well-positioned to clinch a playoff berth. The question is whether the team has enough power to be a scary playoff contender. And it’s a big question.

Let’s look at the NY sports betting odds right now, how they compare from earlier in the season, and what they’re up against in their last 11 games.

Knicks Odds to Win the East and NBA Championship

The Knicks’ odds of winning the East have gotten shorter and shorter over the past month. But this week, they seem to have plateaued. Last week the Knicks were at 30-to-1 odds to win the East. This week they’re at 36-to-1 behind the Bucks, Celtics, 76ers, and Cavaliers.

They’ve beaten Boston three out of the four times they’ve played, beat Cleveland two out of three, split four games with Philadelphia, and lost to Milwaukee three times. Facing the 76ers or the Bucks in the playoffs will be daunting if they can’t sort out the formula now. And they won’t be facing either team for the rest of the regular season.

The Knicks’ odds of winning the NBA title are much longer, though they still have a fighting chance. Last week, oddsmakers had them at 90-to-1 odds to win the championship. This week they’re the same, 90-to-1, and 14th in the lineup of oddsmakers’ favorites.

Scroll through the table below to see the odds for each team in the East to win the conference title.


Knicks Odds to Make the Playoffs

The Knicks are nearly shoe-ins to make the playoffs. So far, the Bucks have clinched a playoff berth, and the Denver Nuggets have clinched their division. But the top seven teams in the league aren’t listed in the odds to make the playoffs since they’re almost guaranteed a spot at this point.

Of the teams where a playoff spot is still a question mark, the Knicks have the best odds across top New York sports betting outlets, even ahead of Kevin Durant and the Suns. So they can make it; the question is what they can do when they get there.

Scroll through the table below to see the odds for all listed teams to qualify for the postseason.


What Do the Knicks Need to Focus On

If they want to be true championship contenders, the Knicks need to focus on the elements that keep them winning.

That means getting Immanuel Quickley, who is regularly clocking the highest points, more minutes.

It also means giving their bigs, like Mitchell Robinson, more shooting opportunities. Robinson posted a Snapchat that said, “Tired asf of just being out there for cardio.” Robinson is averaging 28.6 minutes per game but isn’t getting shot opportunities.


Knicks Upcoming Games

The Knicks are back home at MSG Saturday to take on the Denver Nuggets (47-23), who are 17-17 on the road. Of course, the Knicks are just 19-16 at home. Their embarrassing loss to the Charlotte Hornets was on the home court. But prior to that, they’d won six consecutive home games.

In the Knicks’ final 11 games, their most important matchups come against the Nuggets, the Heat, and the Cavaliers.

Here are all of the Knicks’ remaining regular-season games.

  • vs. Denver — Saturday, March 18
  • vs. Minnesota — Monday, March 20
  • @ Miami — Wednesday, March 22
  • @ Orlando — Thursday, March 23
  • vs. Houston — Monday, March 27
  • vs. Miami — Wednesday, March 29
  • @ Cleveland — Friday, March 31
  • vs. Washington — Sunday, April 2
  • @ Indiana — Wednesday, April 5
  • @ New Orleans — Friday, April 7
  • vs. Indiana — Sunday, April 9


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