NY Giants Super Bowl Odds: Will G-Men Take Next Step in 2023?

Well, folks, we have our new NFL champions, and we’ve got seven months of offseason before football starts up again. Before you get too sad, remember: The NFL offseason is a great time to place some long-term bets. Today we’re focusing on the NY Giants Super Bowl odds for the 2023-2024 season. 

The NY Giants odds are out for the upcoming season, which means you can start placing bets on the Giants. Early bets like this tend to have much longer odds since so much is unknown. But, by the same token, early wagers can give much bigger payouts if you win. 

Let’s see what New York sports betting oddsmakers think about the Giants’ chances in the next NFL season. But first, a quick recap of how the Giants performed against the odds this past season.

How the Giants Beat the Odds This Season

While the Giants’ 2022-2023 season ended in disappointment, Big Blue made it much further than anyone expected. 

With a 9-7-1 record, they beat the preseason odds on total wins, which were set at an over/under of seven games. They also beat the odds to make the playoffs. Their offseason odds to make the playoffs were +230, with -275 odds to miss out on a playoff run. Not to be daunted, the Giants clinched a Wildcard spot and then won their first playoff game against the Vikings. Their divisional loss to the Eagles was expected, though no less disappointing. 

Brian Daboll, NFL Coach of the Year

The reason for the Giants’ unexpected success? Analysts say it’s NFL Coach of the Year Brian Daboll. Daboll was voted Coach of the Year on Feb. 9, after his first year as a head coach in the league and his first year with the Giants. 

What Daboll did was extraordinary. The G-Men have been tied for the worst record in football for five seasons. And this season, they had a big question mark in quarterback Daniel Jones. Daboll built a coaching staff and team culture that brought the Giants their first playoff run in over a decade and developed a solid lead man in Jones.

The question is, can they build on that momentum and have a better season in the coming year? Let’s look at the Giants’ offseason odds and what oddsmakers think about the Giants’ Super Bowl odds and odds to win the NFC. 

NY Giants Offseason Odds

The Giants’ offseason odds opened looking not so hot. If you think the Giants will have a strong playoff presence next season, now is the time to get great money on the odds. 

They’re not in the mix as favorites for the Super Bowl or the NFC Championship right now. 

Here are the Giants’ odds for both titles across top NY sportsbooks. We’ll break it down further below.


Leading the way: New York had biggest Super Bowl handle during record weekend for the country

NY Giants Super Bowl Odds for the 2023-2024 Season

The major NY sportsbooks have the NY Giants rated pretty far down the list for odds to win the Super Bowl. They’re in 20th place and tied with the New Orleans Saints at +5000 odds. 

If Daboll continues to build on his success from this year, we think the Giants could have a better shot than the odds are currently predicting, but ultimately, a Super Bowl win is still a pretty long shot for the developing team. 

Scroll through the graphic below to see all of the teams’ odds.

NY Giants Odds to Win the NFC

The Giants opened in the offseason odds in eighth place to win the NFC, just behind the Vikings and just ahead of the Panthers. Beating the Eagles or Cowboys in the playoffs would be quite a feat, but it’s certainly not impossible.

The key for the Giants is making smart moves during the offseason with smart draft picks, trades, and continued development under Daboll’s leadership.

Scroll through the graphic below to see all of the teams’ odds.


Stay tuned for more off-season updates and developments on the Giants’ odds, roster, coaching staff, news, and more.

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