NFL Coach of the Year Bettors Favor Giants Over Jets, but Both Coaches Surging up Odds Boards

New York sports fans got some unexpected good news this week – Giants coach Brian Daboll and Jets coach Robert Saleh are both in the top three favorites for NFL Coach of the Year odds. As of this article’s publishing, only the Eagles’ Nick Sirianni had shorter odds for the prize.

When the NFL season kicked off in early September, Daboll’s odds to win Coach of the Year were at +800. By the first week of October, they had ballooned to +1600. Now they’re +250 — just behind Sirianni at +125.

Saleh, too, has had an up-and-down few months in the odds. Starting at +5000 when the NFL’s regular season began, Saleh’s odds for Coach of the Year went up to +7000 but steadily got shorter and shorter, until this week hitting +800, in third place behind Daboll and Sirianni. 

The bad news? New Yorkers can’t bet on awards chosen by vote, like Coach of the Year. However, NY sports betting enthusiasts can easily travel to nearby New Jersey or Pennsylvania to get in on the action. The good news is, there are plenty of other NFL futures options available within New York state lines. For instance, you can bet on the Giants to make the playoffs and on the Jets to make the playoffs.

Coach of the Year Odds: Are Gamblers Betting on Daboll or Saleh?

The betting fever this week was focused on one man: Giants’ coach Brian Daboll. 

Starting on Monday, Daboll received 59% of the bets and 72% of the handle in the NFL Coach of the Year market at FanDuel. Saleh, by comparison, only had one bet for him as of Tuesday. 

Daboll’s hot streak can be attributed to the Giants’ 6-1 record. While the Jets, too, are beating the odds so far this season at 5-2 overall, Saleh’s chances just got a lot worse with the loss of star rookie running back Breece Hall to a season-ending knee injury. 

Here’s how the two coaches’ odds have changed since they were first posted in April.

Giants’ Brian Daboll — Odds to Win Coach of the year

4/17:     +1400
9/15:     +800
9/24:     +1000
9/26:     +1200
10/4:     +1600
10/10:   +600
10/17:   +350
10/24:   +250

Jets’ Robert Saleh — Odds to Win Coach of the Year

4/17: +3000
7/3:   +2500
9/20: +5000
10/6:     +7500
10/10:   +5000
10/12:   +4000
10/17:   +1100
10/22:   +1400
10/24:   +800

What Will It Take for Daboll or Saleh to Win Coach of the Year?

Things are looking better for Daboll than for Saleh. 

The New York Jets beat the Denver Broncos on Sunday for their first four-game winning streak in seven years. But the win came at a high price – their star rookie running back Breece Hall, who was the leading candidate to win Offensive Rookie of the Year, left the field with a torn anterior cruciate ligament. After being evaluated on Monday, Hall was ruled out for the season.

Without Hall, the Jet’s chances take a hit.

The New York Giants, on the other hand, have stayed pretty healthy so far and have had one surprising win after another. 

Jets & Giants Beating the Odds Already?

Before the season started, the Giants’ over/under on regular season wins total was 7 or 7.5. Sitting at 6-1, they’re 1-2 wins away from cashing the over. Anyone who made that bet in the summer is looking at some good money.

The Jets’ total was set at 5.5, and with a 5-2, they just need one more win to hit the Over. 

New York’s top sportsbooks have been heavily exposed in both Jets and Giants markets this season. 

The Super Bowl Market — Jets and Giants Still Long Shots

The Jets and Giants are still massive long shots to win the Super Bowl. FanDuel has the Giants priced at +4100 and the Jets at +7500 – both in the middle of the pack. The Buffalo Bills, Eagles, and Chiefs are still in the top three spots. 

On Oct. 24, betting on the Giants was popular. The team was the second most popular selection in the Super Bowl outright market, behind only the Eagles, at FanDuel.

“The Jets have a larger (Super Bowl) handle and bet count (than the Giants) but not by much,” Hennessy said. “The Jets are the second largest liability in the market behind the Ravens and before the Eagles.”

  • The Jets and Giants have both received approximately 2% of the bets and 1% of the handle in the Super Bowl outright market.
  • The Bills have the largest bet count and handle.

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