Zach Wilson Odds to Lead NFL in Interceptions Thrown

Listen up, sports fans! We’re not trying to be mean, but it is our honor-bound duty to tell you when there’s a good bet floating around in the NY sports betting universe. This week, we’re looking at the Zach Wilson odds to lead the NFL in interceptions. (Sorry, Zach!)

Wilson is currently the favorite to throw the most picks during the 2022 season, but our money is that he won’t get crowned the interception king. Here’s the thing while Wilson did have a disappointing rookie season last year, he did improve as the weeks went on. This year, he’s building consistency during training camp and seems to be finding his targets — that is if the O-line can keep him from getting sacked.

Let’s look at the best odds on Wilson’s season and analyze whether he can beat the NY Jets odds.

The Jets have a preseason opener against the Eagles this Friday, so now is a great time to get money down.

Zach Wilson’s Odds to Throw the Most Interceptions

Zach Wilson’s odds to throw the most interceptions are currently set at . They’re likely to change a lot as the season gets rolling.

If you’re looking for more player props, we’ve got several of the most competitive odds on Zach Wilson from top NY sportsbooks. All things considered, we’re going with the under on his interceptions thrown.

Most Interceptions Thrown in League
Total Regular Season Passing Yards
Total Regular Season Passing Touchdowns
Total Regular Season Interceptions Thrown

Shortest Odds for Most Interceptions Thrown in 2022-2023 Season

Wilson is in the lead here, but you can also get good odds on the other QBs. Here’s an updated list of all the odds on most interceptions thrown in the 2022 NFL season.


Can Wilson Flip His Odds This Season?

Wilson wasn’t even close to leading the NFL in interceptions thrown last year. That honor went to the LA Rams’ Matthew Stafford and Jacksonville Jaguars’ Trevor Lawrence. Wilson was 17th down the list with 11 interceptions thrown. That’s fewer picks than heavyweight stars like Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen.

The asterisk: Wilson’s lower number of interceptions in 2021 is partly because he only played 13 games. He missed weeks 8-11 with a PCL injury. In his first five games, he threw nine interceptions, including four in the home opener against the Patriots. But he improved throughout the season, throwing just two picks in weeks 12-18.

This year, Wilson’s targeted interception total is currently sitting at . With the way he’s playing at training camp and his ability to improve performance, we’re going with the Under. We think he can flip the odds and distance himself from the lead for most interceptions thrown.

Updates From the Jets’ Training Camp

Wilson has made quite a splash in the preseason, first with some tabloid headlines in the romance field (all press is good press, Zach!) and then on the actual football field at training camp.

Since the Jets’ training camp started, Wilson has had a couple of moments go viral on Twitter, including a seemingly accidental right-handed catch and a beautiful flip to Garrett Wilson, who also catches the ball one-handed.

How? Is this even real?

Wilson was a bit uneven in the first week of training camp, but overall is getting more and more consistent.

The Jets offense had a tough start to week two of camp, with Wilson getting sacked eight times during Tuesday’s practice. But on Wednesday, things started to turn around. Wilson completed 13 of 17 passes and led a commanding touchdown drive.

He seems to be getting into his stride, and we’re looking forward to seeing if he can get some good completions during Friday’s game.

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