Pelliccio Lived A Bronx Tale with a Yankee Twist

Vincent Pelliccio was living his dream as a police officer in Suffolk County. It meant the world to him because his dad Tony had been a detective for NYPD.

Vinny as he was known was everyone’s friend. He was a member of the gang task force and was a union delegate because he knew that he could look out for his fellow police officers.

Vinny loved the movie A Bronx Tale because of the life lessons that he got from it and just idolized Chazz Palminteri. He even had a tattoo with the Bronx Tale symbol.

Vinny was a giant Yankee fan and attended many games. He loved Derek Jeter and Bernie Williams.

It’s incredible what the Yankee brand represents to so many people from so many walks of life, especially so many members of the men in blue.

Vinny unfortunately died in a tragic car accident. When Chazz Palminteri found out he reached out to the family. The fact that I witnessed it myself, I could tell how much Chazz was able to help Vinny’s family and friends.

Today Chazz will be performing his one man show at the Paramount theater in Huntington in front of Vinny’s family and friends and countless numbers of the Suffolk Police Department.

After the show Chazz will be honored with a very special award  because of Vinny and also because Chazz always seems to be there every time we lose one of our brothers in blue.

Vinny dealt with major gang violence and defeated cancer. A hero in every way. He is sorely missed every day.

My son Sargent Jon-Erik Negron asked if I would be there to represent the Yankees. With great pride I said yes but I’m also there to honor Vincent Vinny Pelliccio a Hero.

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