Luis Guzman and Hollywood Meet The Ferryhawks

People from all the other boroughs in New York were asking what all the commotion in Staten Island was this week. Well, it was because one of the most recognizable celebrities and the world’s greatest character actor was doing a movie there.

New York’s own Luis Guzman spent a week in Staten Ialand working in the Guy Jacobson comedy, Out of Order. To say that he had fun would be an understatement. The people from the neighborhood couldn’t believe that Luis was really there and it was very touching that kids from the area showed him so much love.

Luis happens to be one of Hollywood’s biggest baseball fans and when he heard about Staten Island’s newest professional team The FERRYHAWKS, he had to meet the team officials to learn more about the operation.

During a break from filming he got together with team general manager Gary Perrone, player personnel director Eddie Medina and Events Director Ray Irizarry to learn about future plans.

The FERRYHAWKS contingent got to meet some of the other film stars including Brandon Routh the terrific actor who was Superman in Superman Returns.

It’s always fun when Hollywood meets Baseball and how the mutual respect and excitement for one another is always there.
The FERRYHAWKS do have some Hollywood connections because one of the owners is Saturday Night Lives and Staten Island native Pete Davidson. WABC radio owner John Catsimatidis and Yankee Global along with NY Yankees President Randy Levine are a part of the ownership group.

Naturally because of the love and respect that Luis Guzman gets in the Tri state area and worldwide I’m sure that the Staten Island FERRYHAWKS fans can expect to see Luis throw out a first pitch sometime during this season.

How much is Luis Guzman respected you ask? Well last night when Luis finished his final scene in Out Of Order, and Director Guy Jacobson announced that Luis was wrapped from the film, the cast and crew gave him a huge ovation. Production stopped and pictures with Luis were taken. There were plenty of hugs and tears.  I saw the eyes of film star and one time global phenomenon, Brooke Shields, get red.  It was one of the most beautiful things that I have seen in my forty years in film.

This summer I’m expecting a standing room only crowd at the Richmond County Stadium when it’s announced that New York’s Pride and Joy and acting great Luis Guzman is throwing out the first pitch. Luis wants Pete Davidson or John Catsimatidis to be his catcher.

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