Parlay Insurance: How To Optimize FanDuel’s NHL Promo

FanDuel Sportsbook is offering an NHL Parlay Insurance promotion in New York (and elsewhere it’s live) through January 23. This handy deal provides a way for bettors to significantly boost their bankroll with less than normal risk. Here’s an explanation of the deal along with tips to consider for the remainder of the promotion.

We also have suggested sports betting picks we like for Friday night’s action (Jan. 21).

What Is NHL Parlay Insurance on FanDuel?

The Parlay Insurance promotion offers less risk on a long-shot wager in the NHL. Building parlays can be fun as the odds increase dramatically with each leg added. However, this becomes more unrealistic to actually hit over time. With at least four legs in a parlay, this insurance promotion offers an ability to get money back in site credit if one leg doesn’t hit.

So, if a parlay wager is placed with four legs, and only one of the legs lose while the other three are successful, then the amount is given back as site credit. This cannot be taken out of the account, but can be used to place future bets. Any additional legs added does not change this feature – even if a parlay has eight legs, only one can fail to qualify.

Terms and Conditions for Parlay Insurance

Bettors must follow certain stipulations for the parlay insurance promotion to qualify. First, the parlay has to be at least four legs and requires all selections to be based on NHL games.

Each leg must have odds of -200 or greater. This means a selection with odds of -150 counts, but -250 doesn’t. In total, the parlay must have odds of +400 or greater. As long as the first rule is followed, you will automatically hit the second rule. Even if four legs were at exactly -200 odds, the total parlay odds would be +406.

There are certain restrictions that make a bet ineligible even if these rules are met. Bonus money already in the account cannot go toward a promotion. Any designated “Odds Boosts” used or bets cashed out would null the promotion as well.

Up to $25 is eligible in parlay wagers each day. Multiple parlays are accepted on each day, but bettors can only get back up to $25.  All losses are returned as bonus money within three days of settlement. Once a bettor receives their bonus, they must use the money before it expires within seven days.

Best Ways To Utilize FanDuel’s NHL Parlay Insurance

Look at Player Props, Such As Points and Shots

Many bettors will simply look at moneylines and totals to build their NHL parlay, but the insurance does count toward game and player props. The latter option can be extremely useful for this promotion, especially when looking at two specific categories: “Points” and “Shots.”

Player Points are the number of goals and/or assists a player has in a contest. Up to two players are awarded an assist on each goal, so there are usually a lot of opportunities to get them. Sportsbooks generally offer bettors to pick the under or over on 0.5 or 1.5 points scored by a handful of players. Star players that produce consistently of offense will generally get a prop for 1.5 points with higher odds.

Player Shots are the number of shots on goal a player has in a contest. Sportsbooks generally offer the prop of 2.5 shots to go over or under on, but some players get higher odds for over 3.5 shots (or more). If you don’t think a game will be high-scoring, but still competitive, “shots” is a good alternative to points.

Stick With Projected Higher-Scoring Games

If you’re looking to bet on player props, it’s wise to analyze games that are expected to be higher-scoring and pick the over. Obviously, there are more points to go around for all players in a 5-3 final score than a 2-0 struggle.

If a player needs to get a point, and they get it, the bet is successful. Picking the under can be a grind if watching the contest for all 60 minutes. Sportsbooks tend to only offer star players or recognizable names that have a good chance to contribute offensively.

NHL Parlay Insurance Picks For Friday, Jan. 21

Here’s a list of four picks that would be eligible for FanDuel’s parlay promotion on Friday. The New York Islanders have been playing great at home, so we’ll grab one of their top skaters to contribute to the offense. Jonathan Huberdeau for Florida only has one point in the last two games, but he’s been a juggernaut on offense with a handful of recent multi-point games.

  • Mathew Barzal (New York Islanders)
    • Over 0.5 points (-188)
  • Jason Robertson (Dallas Stars)
    • Over 0.5 points (-178)
  • Jonathan Huberdeau (Florida Panthers)
    • Over 1.5 points (+160)
  • Jordan Kyrou (St. Louis Blues)
    • Over 0.5 points (-142)

Adding up all of the legs in this parlay would be a wager with +960 odds. That means a bettor placing a $25 bet on this parlay would receive $265 if it wins. Remember, if one of the legs does not hit, that money is given back as bonus credit.

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