Mets And Yankees Interest Calls For NY Online Sports Betting

 Tuesday it was reported the Mets and Yankees were betting favorites for the upcoming 2021 MLB season and that is not a huge misconception because the New York baseball teams are always expected to contend. But the betting action is predominant across the river in New Jersey where a good many Yankees fans reside.

More so, fans who want to place a bet online in New York are restricted with online gambling still in the balance, therefore the other option has been the constant action of taking those bets to New Jersey and a state where handles are high and legal.

But it’s also not a huge misconception that politics is making it more complicated in efforts to make New York State the 15th to legalize mobile sports betting.

And the demand to legalize mobile sports betting has been petitioned by the same sports fans from New York. They are frustrated with a commute across the river to place a bet at the Meadowlands Racetrack and at Atlantic City sportsbooks, and would rather place a bet from their more convenient mobile phones.

So the debate continues, and fans are left with their option of staying home, making the commute, or finding other ways to place their wager. In the meantime, and with a state budget deficit, those up in Albany continue to debate the logistics of online sports gambling.

There are percentages and how the millions of revenue would be expended. The most important issue is the coordination and learning more about the success of online gambling and the benefits.

So, I reached out to a few NY state representatives for an update. As of Tuesday morning, there has been no response from a state Assembly and Senate representative and that was expected. One outside source and with knowledge of the proposed legislation said the timing is not right.

As he said, “The revenue from this would be beneficial and the financial rewards would be huge. But realize there are the logistics and the state is facing a tremendous budget gap and dealing with the Coronavirus.”

So this may take a little longer before the NY state legislature brings this up for a vote and signature from Governor Andrew Cuomo. In the meantime as the logistics and politics of online gambling continue, fans are impatient.

They want to place a bet from home and avoid that commute.

And the wagers will continue to be done other ways. Fans have found alternative means of going into their pockets with cash apps and locating a friend in proximity that can place the bet as neighboring states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania continue to raise revenue.

Super Bowl Sunday the struggling casino industry in Atlantic City continued but the sportsbooks on the boardwalk were at capacity. While sports wagering is legal in New York, placing a bet must be made at one of four casinos and many are not in proximity.

ESPN reported that in 2020, online betting in New Jersey saw $6 billion wagered with 90 percent coming from online bets. The consensus is  New York can also see a similar revenue gain as there are millions of sports fans that find these alternative routes of placing a wager.

I have a longtime friend who wagers on sports and is in that classification of being hooked. Super Bowl Sunday was no different as are regular bets on NFL Sunday and during the course of a long MLB season.

“So I placed my bet with the cash app and found another way,” he said about his Super Bowl bet. When asked about online betting in NY as an option, like others he agrees this is a winner for the state and those who are consistent with their wagers.

Governor Cuomo seems to be on board with the state perhaps gaining $45 million and another $500 million going to the casinos.  In the end, though, legislators need to listen to that example of the Super Bowl wager. Fans are eager for a start and want to put politics aside.

The conversations will continue and with the hope, a resolution can be reached before the state budget is passed before April 1.

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