How To Bet On The Brooklyn Nets This Season

The Brooklyn Nets were one of the most talked-about teams in the NBA last season. But it was not because of what fans thought they might accomplish in 2020. It was more because of what they had the potential to do in 2021.

That was when the Nets would premiere their new dynamic duo—Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

With both taking the court for the Nets in 2021, for the first time in years, NBA fans in New York had something to look forward to. They had a team with legitimate NBA Championship aspirations.

But what about 2020?

The 2020 Brooklyn Nets

Kyrie Irving entered the season healthy and ready to play. But due to an Achilles injury suffered during the 2019 NBA Finals (when he was with the Golden State Warriors), Durant’s debut had to wait until the 2020-21 season.

Irving’s addition made the Nets better, but injuries kept him from playing much. While they still played well enough to make the bubble when the season resumed, their postseason outlook was gloomy.

With injuries and guys opting out due to Covid-19 concerns, the Nets were not the same heading into the bubble. While they qualified for the playoffs, they were beaten by the Toronto Raptors in the first round (4-0).

It was a lackluster ending, but it meant fans were one step closer to relevance.  

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, And The 2020-21 Brooklyn Nets

With a healthy Irving and Durant, the excitement was real for the Brooklyn Nets heading into the 2020-21 season. They began the year as a contender for the NBA Finals. Only the Milwaukee Bucks had better odds to win the East.

They were also the favorite to win a hotly contested Atlantic Division.

But the Nets did have one thing working against them. With all the new pieces added to the team, including a rookie head coach in Steve Nash, how successful they will be is dependent on how quickly they gel.

Growing pains are expected, of course. But gelling is not always easy with polarizing personalities like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving (and now James Harden).

In recent weeks, Irving has proven to be unreliable with his recent disappearing act. But if Harden, Durant, and Irving (assuming he shows up) can learn to play together, the sky is the limit for the Brooklyn Nets.

However, will they figure things out this season, or will the Nets be a better bet next season?

Brooklyn Nets Sports Betting Odds

Irving, Harden, and Durant have yet to play together, so there is no telling what the Nets’ Big Three’ will look like. However, it appears that oddsmakers and bettors think the Nets will take the division:

SportsbookOdds Of Nets Winning Atlantic Division

Winning the division is not as big a deal in the NBA as it is in the NFL. No, fans and sports bettors are more interested in who will win the conference. While the Milwaukee Bucks began the season as the favorite, they aren’t anymore:

SportsbookOdds Of Nets Winning Eastern Conference

What matters, of course, is winning the NBA Finals. Since trading for Harden, the Nets have gone from being one of the contenders to having the second-best odds behind the Lakers:

SportsbookOdds Of Nets Winning NBA Championship

Time To Bet On The Brooklyn Nets?

Fans in New York have been dying for a winner, and it looks like they may finally have one in the Brooklyn Nets. But if they want to bet on the Nets, they will need to go to a retail sportsbook location or cross state lines into New Jersey or Pennsylvania.

Sports betting is legal in New York, but online betting is not. So, should you bet on the Brooklyn Nets?

Not right now. It is probably a good idea to wait before putting money down on the Nets for three reasons:

  • They are not a lock to win anything. The Atlantic has three of the best teams in the East, the Bucks are still a great team, and the Lakers are the best in the NBA.
  • There is no telling how well Harden, Durant, and Irving will coexist—or if the Nets can count on Irving to show up.
  • At these odds, it just isn’t worth it.

If you feel compelled to bet on the Nets for any reason, wait. Once the Big Three start to struggle, Brooklyn’s odds in all three categories will get higher. That is when you put your money down.

When they get their act together and win, then you can win more.

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