BronxNet “Reach Out” Shows the Yankee Way

by Carmine Elvezio

“Reach out with Ray and Steve” zooms to number one.

Executive Director Michael Max Knobbe of BronxNet came to Ray Negron and mentioned certain individuals were questioning if the Yankees were doing their “fair share” during the pandemic. You could see the rage in his eyes. The reason I get upset is because I know how much our community relations department, which is led by senior Vice President community relations Brian Smith, does for our community in the Bronx. George Steinbrenner used to have a classic saying “That if more than two people know what you were doing then you’re doing it for the wrong reasons”. That was one of the very few arguments I’ve had with the boss. I used to tell him we live in a very copycat society and felt if any rich guys of power saw what he was doing, that they would want to do just like him.

My opinion as the community consultant for the Yankees is that, through my individual research, all throughout baseball, the Yankees do more for their community than most teams in the game and yet most people don’t know it. With the exception of those on the receiving end of the great Yankee benevolence. Michael Max Knobbe, who besides being a long time producer, seasoned journalist, and the head of BronxNet, had a suggestion for Negron and his co host Steve Vaccaro. “Reach out with Ray and Steve” was already on Cablevision optimum which is a community-based public access station. Michael Max Knobbe suggested that we bring “Reach out” to the Bronx with a new home on the BronxNet television network.

“Reach out” is a variety show. Ray and Steve wanted a show along the same old Johnny Carson tonight show format with an exception of community. It’s during the community segment of the show that all parties felt that you could really bring out the happenings of the Bronx. Yes, they want to highlight all the good the Yankees are doing, however they also want to be able to show the work that others are trying to do in order to help show that the Bronx can be beautiful.

After watching a couple of episodes, the show was contacted by Grace Fernandez who has a long-standing relationship with the Dominican Republic embassy. Fernandez wanted to see how they can help the Yankees and other organizations to collaboratively offer food and supplies to all families in need and to beautifully help the Bronx with all its community, religious leaders, and people who want to get their hands dirty in the Bronx because they care.

This past weekend, the crew for “Reach out” had fun helping surrounding areas of the Bronx including those stores and places of worship with volunteers. Yankee players Gio Urshela and Gleyber Torres set out hundreds of one hand sanitizers for all the players to use during the cleanup job. At BronxNet we want to make sure we connect all the good that’s done by the community from education to health, news, debates, cultural arts. “Reach out” combines superstars, athletes and role models. Connecting the Bronx to the World.

It’s nice to be able to have this format “Reach out,” to show the people everywhere that not just the Yankees but all high ranking officials, throughout the borough of the Bronx and all through the city all have a heart.

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