Mets Switch Focus In GM Season But Bring Manager Luis Rojas Back

Sandy Alderson found out that spending Steve Cohen’s money on front office talent is harder than it looks.

Even though the Mets president is armed with a large checkbook, he found that other clubs were very resistant of having their top talent leave and go to Queens.

So Alderson is now shifting gears.

“Based on conversations and limited access [to candidates], we decided to forgo that position, that possibility of a president of baseball operations position and focus on the general manager,” Alderson said in a Zoom call today with reporters.

So the 73 year-old will now have a greater role in the baseball operation and is looking for more of a traditional general manager to run the club.

It makes sense, because Alderson isn’t going to hire just anyone and he will have the spot open in the future in case someone becomes available, such as Theo Epstein, who wasn’t contacted because the former Red Sox and Cubs architect made it clear he was taking 2021 off.

So now instead of finding two high profile front office guys, Alderson will have one and become more of an advisor and mentor to that person.

Because there will not be a president of the baseball operation, the Mets president was comfortable in telling field manager Luis Rojas he will be welcome back in 2021.

And that was partially due to the candidates Alderson has interviewed so far for the position endorsed bringing back Rojas for another year.

“To a person they agreed under the circumstances that bringing Louie back as manager was the right thing to do,” Alderson said. “It’s not as if this is a unilateral decision on my part or the existing organization. We’ve actually talked through this with the candidates to be the GM and generally got agreement that in this particular case that was the right thing to do. Not that they were going to make the decision for us, but the issue has been broached and I’m comfortable this isn’t a shotgun marriage that will occur.”

Alderson hopes over the next few weeks, he will have a general manager in place so the Mets can get to work on the off-season with free agency and the trade market opening up. Although he likes the core of the club, he feels that the Mets are more than just one player away from contending.

“I think we have an excellent foundation,” Alderson said. “Hopefully we have the ability to get better in a lot of different positions.”

And he will now have a greater seat at the table, as Alderson rebuilds the Mets in his own image.

Tebow Coming Back: Alderson did announce Tim Tebow will return to the club next season and hopes he gets another chance after losing 2020 to COVID-19. “This is not a quest without end. At some point it will culminate, but I think that will be at a time when Tim and the organization come to some agreement about where he is, what his potential is. But I didn’t want him to go out based on some COVID-related interruption.”

He also said that he has conversations with Michael Conforto, but nothing yet on a contact extension.

Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire

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