The Most Popular NBA Arenas, According To Social Media

The NBA will finally be back, after being out of the game for almost half a year due to the theta of the coronavirus. Timea may have changed, and a lot of things have now changed in the way they are done, but one thing remains–people’s love for basketball will never change.

Location of the game is one of the contributing factors in the odds and predictions of a game. There is the distance of the team from their home to the court of the game, as well as whether they are playing at home or not. The odds are important, especially in sports betting, as it gives bettor insights and helpful tips on who or what to bet on. The best review sites like Nostrabet provides recommendations on the best bookmakers that provide the best odds, the best offers, and the most generous bonuses.

Before we all get back to the game, here are the top five most popular NBA arena, at least according to Instagram mentions.

#5 United Center

Home team: Chicago Blackhawks and Chicago Bulls

Number of IG mentions: 198,000

The United Center currently holds the title of being the biggest arena in the history of the NBA, at least in terms of seating capacity. The area can hold up to 23.500 people as audiences.

#4 TD Garden

Home team: Boston Celtics

Number of IG mentions: 201,024

You don’t need to mention it to anyone–the moment you set foot inside the TD Arena, you will know that this is the home to the Boston Celtics. The arena is clad in the perfect combination of pinewood and club green colors, branding it with the identity of the team it is home to.

The TD Arena is also a favorite venue for hockey games as well as major concerts, and it accommodates up to 18,5000 people as an audience.

#3 Barclays Center

Home team: Brooklyn Nets

Number of IG mentions: 354,070

The Barclays Center may be one of the newest NBA arenas lately, but it does not mean that it cannot be included in the list of most popular ones. The Barclays Center opened up to the public in 2012, and it even had a Jay-Z concert held in celebration of its opening.

#2 Staples Center

Home team: Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers

Number of IG mentions: 685,006

The next time you get the chance to visit Vegas, make sure you enjoy not only al the casino attractions of the area, but also the Staples Center. Even if no games are playing at the Center, the place is still selfie-worthy and very ‘instagrammable,’ being a huge sight to behold.

The place had gone through a lot of changes and improvements through the years, but it remains to be not only one of the biggest but also one of the most popular places for basketball, even dubbed as “the house that Kobe Bryant built.”

The Staple Center can hold up 19,000 people as an audience, and it is also the regular home of the annual Grammy Awards.

#1 Madison Square Garden

Home team: New York Knicks

Number of IG mentions: 709,205

The New York Knicks may not be enjoying the same spotlight and hype that they used to have back in the day, but it did not stop the Madison Square Garden from being the biggest and most popular place for a good ball game in the history of the NBA.

Contributing to the popularity of the iconic spherical arena is not only the NBA fact that it is at the heart of a tourist place in the United States, a place for NHL games, as well as favorite concert venues for the biggest and most popular names in the industry. The Madison Square has been the most-used NBA arena.

This theater opened back in 1968 and is currently at a 20,000 seating capacity. Despite its huge capacity, getting tickets for a game on the Square can prove to be a hard task to accomplish. This is one of the reasons why if you managed to get inside and witness an event, make sure to show it off on your social media handles!



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