MSG Network’s McNutt To Host New Series Focused On Black Athletes

Expanding on its mission to raise the visibility of women and girls in sports, GoodSport is launching a new video series to tell the under-told stories of black female athletes. The series will be called Onyx: Celebrating Black Women in Sports and will be hosted by former Georgetown University basketball captain and co-host of MSG Network’s “The MSG-150,” Monica McNutt. The series, set to kick off in mid-July, will include long-form video podcasts and short-form social media vignettes. The videos will showcase interviews with black athletes and coaches, as well as women on the business side of the sports industry. GoodSport plans to share their unique life stories and experiences of breaking barriers to achieve success.

“The climate in our country right now is tense, but important conversations and changes are taking shape. I am really excited to join GoodSport in an effort to illuminate some amazing black women in sports. I’m confident that their stories will inspire the next generation of young athletes to follow their sports dreams,” said McNutt.

She added, “As an athlete and black woman, I am concerned about many things happening in America right now. I plan to talk about sports, of course, but also delve into conversations about how sports can help reshape societal views with some incredible women who inspire me. I chose the name Onyx because it makes me think of a beautiful, strong, black gemstone. Black onyx is known for its ability to transform negative energy and support emotional and physical stamina in stressful situations. Those powers make black women pillars in our communities and in sport, despite often being forgotten by society at large. The Onyx series will make sure that women who have been gemstones in their competitive spaces are celebrated for all that they are. I find it poetic that Onyx is being announced on Juneteenth, the day that slaves were emancipated. It’s a day that has long just been considered ‘a black thing’ but, in reality, it is an American thing. The fact that leaders and corporations are acknowledging Juneteenth and it is now being celebrated nationally is a step in the right direction.”

Onyx: Celebrating Black Women in Sports will include interviews with sports figures of today and pioneers from years past, and will be shown on GoodSport’s media platforms, including The series will also be distributed across other media companies’ channels.

GoodSport Founder, Paul Bremer, is thrilled to have a respected sports broadcasting veteran spearhead this initiative. “We have known Monica for years and she is a true pro. Having her lead Onyx will help shine a light on some amazing women and change cultural perceptions. She brings a vibrant energy, intellect and sense of humor to all of her interactions, and we know her unique vibe will make this series successful.”

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