Diamond Diehards: Gil Hodges as GOAT or goat

Joe Rizzo brings you baseball. Riz was joined once again by Jeff “Dawg” Healy and they jumped into the 1952 World Series between the New York Yankees and the Brooklyn Dodgers. Spoiler alert, the Yankees won in seven games. Riz and Dawg started with Game 7, but could not resist looking back deeper into some of the key moments in the series when they were examining the performance of beloved Dodgers star Gil Hodges.

Hodges was a borderline MLB Hall of Famer, probably the most borderline ever, considering how close he continually came, including consideration from the Veterans Committee, without getting in. While there are always plenty of numbers to digest for these types of arguments in baseball, the guys talked about the things that can be overlooked, especially so many years after the era in which a player competed. For some comparison, Riz related a story about the red-hot documentary “The Last Dance” featuring NBA legend and former minor-league baseball washout Michael Jordan, with regard to rival Isiah Thomas. Riz & Dawg are set to talk about Jordan some more down the line, once the documentary covers his Airness’ time with the Birmingham Barons of the American Association.

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Diamond Diehards: Gil Hodges as GOAT or goat
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