Diamond Diehards: Riz Finally Gets His Three-Way, Dawg & Jerry Rate Movie Character Strat Cards

Joe Rizzo brings you baseball. After finally taking a day off, Diamond Diehards came back strong as Riz finally had a three-way deal with Jeff “Dawg” Healy and Jerry Milani from the Fordham Crew. The Strat-O-Matic simulation results led things off and then it was on to chatter, as the guys had been watching the classic movie Major League, and brought it to real life. What if Pedro Cerrano had the Astros’ garbage-can advantage and always knew when the curveball was coming? What was Jake Taylor’s arm behind the plate? Then there was some chatter about noted Strat-head Keith Hernandez, Gregg Jeffries, and the Mets and Yankees of the mid-late 1980s. We value your feedback, and appreciate you hitting the subscribe button, taking a moment to give a five-star rating, and maybe even write a nice review. We are all about the niceness over here at Diamond Diehards! The Chatter Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/@DiamondDiehards Instagram: https://instagram.com/@DiamondDiehards Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/229752454881954/ Strat-O-Matic 2020 Simulation: http://www.strat-o-matic.com/2020-season-simulation/ New York Sports Day: NYSportsDay.com Follow Dawg: https://twitter.com/@JeffHealy8 Follow Jerry: https://twitter.com/@GBPackJerry Follow Riz: https://twitter.com/@RearNakedChoke

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