Diamond Diehards: Thaaaaaa Yankees WIN

Join Joe Rizzo as he navigates the 2020 MLB season the only way he can – by living the Strat-O-Matic simulation like it’s 100% real. Riz recapped the highlights from April 2, which included the Nationals raising their World Series banner and Stephen Strasburg showing the form that made him the MVP of the Fall Classic. Jorge Soler has been a star of the simulation and he has Riz buzzing, plus the Yankees won their home opener in caveman fashion. The slate featured just 10 games on get-away day, but Riz was sure to inject references here and there for the Strat-heads. He is trying to not overdo it because we don’t want to turn off Average Baseball Jane and Joe.

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Diamond Diehards: Thaaaaaa Yankees WIN
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