Kent: How About A Charity Tennis Tournament For The Pandemic

We all need some relief. All of us who are hoping and praying that we might see Aaron Judge take another swing or Steph Curry hit another 3 in 2020.

Don’t get me wrong. The true heroes and those who need the most relief are at a minimum, our first responders, our doctors and nurses and our grocery workers.

But for the rest of us, the millions and millions of sports fans in the US and for that matter around the world, how about a two hour live event in May, involving Roger Federer, Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic, playing in some creative format.

Watching Federer hit an impossibly angled forehand, Nadal relentlessly grind out a point or Djokovic stretch and skid won’t solve the horrific problems we are facing in this pandemic, but getting the ability to watch a live sporting event might boost morale for millions across the globe.

No fans. Just a tv crew, including an announcer, perhaps John McEnroe and an umpire who could call all the lines.

It could be at Rafa’s Academy, or for that matter in my neighbor’s back yard. It wouldn’t much matter.
All the tv and advertising proceeds would go to Covid research and Covid relief. And viewers could call into #CovidTennis to make a contribution. A major sponsor might even step up to throw in some money for such a good cause.

Would it be Wimbledon? Heck no. But it would give us long suffering sports fans some much needed relief during these difficult and unprecedented times. We would not hear the roar of the crowd, but the tennis would be beyond superb.

One thing is for certain. It would draw a huge and grateful audience.

How about it guys? Give it a shot. Or a few shots for that matter.

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