Dani’s Dugout: A Toast to GRE GRE GREGORIUS

Oh Didi, how it hurts my heart to know this is the last season I will see you playing in pinstripes.

Didi Gregorius the dutch man who helped us all past the retirement of our great captain Derek Jeter; the man who didn’t try to fill his shoes but made this position his own. Gregorius is known for being a fun loving great guy and an excellent shortstop. I personally love Didi. He played my favorite position on the field and wore my favorite number: 18. These are not the only reasons I favored him, but they did help.

From the first time he came onto the field with his walk-out song being “Notorious B.I.G”, and all I could do is go GRE GRE GREGORIUS, I knew this guy was going to be my favorite. From 2015 to now, he has grown as a player within our organization. 2018 was his best year, and best part is, it was with us. Sadly this year also ended with him getting Tommy John surgery which inevitably gave him this iffy year. People, fans, and those in-between, came to comment on Didi and his injury—How he wasn’t playing well; how he wasn’t the same; how he shouldn’t be in the line up during the playoffs; and yet, the guy hits a grand slam against the Twins during the ALDS! They all forgot the key issue at hand here… the guy just had Tommy John surgery! And even with his Tommy John surgery, he didn’t have a terrible season; it wasn’t great like 2018, but it wasn’t terrible.

Though I am sad to see Sir Didi go, I’m not overly emotional to not realize the stupidity in keeping him since we have to pay Cole. We can not have both. The yankees may have a lot of money, but keeping both players and paying them the money they deserve isn’t a smart business move. And fans you must remember though sports to us is passion and heart… it’s still a business!

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