Aris: Baseball’s Biggest Myth “Let the Kids Play”

What in the hell is happening to this game that I love? I am practically addicted to Major League Baseball, but it is doing a great job to make me sober.

When I listen to these broadcasters explaining the probability rate of a batted ball either turning into a hit or an out, my minds thinking, HUH?

When I hear these PROFESSIONAL ANALysts state that batting averages don’t matter anymore, I think of Mario Mendoza, Adam Dunn, Aurelio Rodriguez, Mark Belanger and Ed Brinkman.

The new breed of baseball personnel are equivalent to a bunch of morons when they claim that strikeouts by a batter doesn’t matter. Do they seriously believe this? Do they realize that a strikeout does absolutely nothing to help a team score a run? It is equivalent to a gutter ball in bowling, where not one pin got knocked down. How does that contribute to any situation?

I’m sure that all-time strikeout leader Reggie Jackson, and all-time season strikeout leader Mark Reynolds love hearing this theory from these geniuses that have turned this game into an Etch-A-Sketch. It’s obvious that these ANALytical experts have learned their craft from watching numerous Little League games. These games are basically an introduction to playing baseball for any youngster. The competition on the field is basically either a walk or a strikeout. Batted balls are a rarity and the games are almost never completed, due to a 2-hour time limit. They usually manage to complete 3 innings in that time span. The theory that sums up these games are, “It doesn’t matter!” If that sounds familiar, then welcome to today’s Major League game.

If you ever come across an owner of a Major League team, you should try to get an explanation on why they even hire these “geeks”. These so-called experts are ruining what once was the greatest game on earth. They are succeeding in turning this great sport into a bedtime story, that’s putting America to sleep. MLB’s motto is, “Let the Kids Play.” The only way that’ll happen is if you keep the ANALytics Away.

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