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As far as NFL quarterbacks, Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers still own the majority of the stage.
They just may have to move over a little.

Baltimore’s Lamar Jackson and Buffalo’s Josh Allen appear ready to push them to the other side.
It’s no coincidence that both quarterbacks have thrived and their teams are looking like they can advance deep into the postseason.

Both of them, ironically, are very similar and their teams are mirror images of each other – a methodical offense, aggressive defense, and solid special teams. Jackson has been criticized for being a running, one-dimensional signal caller, but he answered his critics with an unconscionable performance against the Rams on Monday Night Football when he threw for five touchdowns and ran for 95 yards. He looked like a seasoned veteran with pinpoint passing, precise decision making, all with complete confidence and crispness. He made you just watch with awe with speed and approach – an MVP candidate.

Jackson has had his share of tests this season and he’ll have another major one when the Ravens (9-2) meet San Francisco (12-1) Sunday.

Allen has been from the same mold – strong runner and consistent passer. He single-handedly dismantled Dallas on Thanksgiving afternoon, executing the Bills’ game plan to
perfection finding numerous receivers and knowing when to run the football. Allen is the Bills’ biggest rushing threat and his passing game has vastly improved this season, making
the Bills (9-3) one of the true sleepers in the league and a playoff team. Two weeks from now, these two teams meet in Buffalo in a game that promises to be one of the season’s best. It will be a showdown of two quarterbacks who you will see for quite a long time you used to
see Brady and Rogers battle in their rise to the top.

Does Any Team Want to Win the NFC East? If Giants Had a Few More Wins, They Would Have a Shot

All season long, the NFC East has looked like the NFC Least. It is the league’s most inadequate division.

Before the season began, media types in the metropolitan area raved about the prospects of
Philadelphia with a healthy Carson Wentz and a stingy defense. Philadelphia’s media knew better.

Philly’s defense has been there, but their offense has been absent most of the year. The Eagles don’t have a legitimate receiving corps, and Wentz has had a bad year.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones stated this week that his team had to win games, and the Cowboys certainly didn’t look good against Buffalo. It also doesn’t bode well for Cowboys’ head coach Jason Garrett, whose future looks bleaker every day.

Philadelphia (5-6) hosts Miami (2-9) this weekend, and they should be deadlocked with Dallas (6-6) by the time week 13 is over.

All signs point to the winner of their match up Dec. 22 as being the division winner. However, Dallas has to play the Bears, Rams, and Redskins in their other remaining games.

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