Negron: “Batboy”Joins The Army

“Batboy,” the play is meeting with the U. S. Army today to schedule a Christmas show for the troops at Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn. We are hoping to be making an announcement over the weekend about this historic event.

As you can imagine there are a lot of sports fans in the armed forces. Last year I performed a one man show for the troops at Fort Totten and it was a great success. This year I want to share the stage with my full cast so that they can truly appreciate the feeling of giving back to the men and women that sacrifice so much for our freedom. I always tell the cast that we must always give it everything we have in every performance because you never know who is in the audience.

In the last show at the Argyle Theatre, there was a three star general sitting in the audience. Several cast members have landed film and television roles and some have won stage roles. Some of the actors brought their stars with them. Those performers included singer, actor Sal “The Voice” Valentinetti and the former Yankee and great guitarist Bernie Williams. They just came on board to give back and, in the process, helped make the show that much better. Boy, did they ever. Bernie was just so classy and Sal was show business personified.

I even got Yankee podcast Queen in the show. She is a natural actress that makes all the guys in the audience just swoon for her. I always tell her that if she could sing, she would be dangerous.

God knows what surprises will pop up at the Army show. As soon as the Army gives us the go ahead, we will make the announcement. Stay tuned.

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