Negron: “Batboy,” Best Show Yet

The 10th showing of the theatre production, “Batboy,” was probably the best show yet.

Sal “the Voice” Valentinetti, the Long Island boy that came to prominence as arguably the most popular contestant ever from “America’s Got Talent” show, just tears down the Argyle Theatre in Babylon. Naturally, his singing skills are off the charts but his comedic timing and true acting skills leave the audience agasp.

Teamed up with new comer, and Yankee Podcast Queen Dani Cipolla, the duo are just as charming as the 1950’s male-female team of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. They have a natural charm together.

When Sal breaks into his Sinatra Character in the famed Patsy’s Restaurant scene, the place goes crazy.

To put icing on the cake , the owner and Executive chef Sal Scognamillo plays himself and acts a referee between Sinatra (Vallintanetti) and Billy Martin (played beautifully by seasoned actor Martin Knapp) over the affections of Dani.

Layla Dionne deserves her own column because she’s that good. I can only compare her to Whitney and Nathalie.

Alex Martin is back as Derek Jeter and his skills take the show to another level. I hope he knows how good he really is. GiGi Cormio is so sweet and gets better with every show as Diana Munson. Theresa Farrell is funny as hell yet extremely dramatic.

Ken Cowie does an excellent job in his dual role of bare butt, cake sitting Sparky Lyle and a Bronx gangster. Luis Castillo is seasoned and gets better with each show as my cousin Edwin and Carmine is probably the best young actor coming out of New York and is exceptional as little Ray.

Tug boat Manny makes a perfect Babe Ruth and Steve Lazarus hits it as a frail Lou Gehrig. Larry Davis shines as the mercurial yet heart warming Boss. Tyrell Carpenter knocks it out of the park as “Mr. October,” Reggie Jackson.

Eddie Mata shows a wide range as an actor in playing the scruffy, yet fun loving Thurman Munson. Lisa Coppola is always terrific in her role as the marshmallow girl friend. Show producer Steve Vacarro always kills it as the Marshmallow sales man. Show newcomer Mike Dempsey always has a presence in the clubhouse. Mike Longo who does security at Radio City Music hall, and has worked with some of the greats in show business including Al Pacino, brings his expertise on stage as the Boss’s head of security. Sometimes we have to remind Longo that this is makebelieve.

Ricky Byrd a former member of Joan Jett’s band and a musician who was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is terrific in his Batboy debut. Nick Singh is back as my child hood buddy and former batboy Hector Pagan. Edwin Gil is a welcomed addition as Cuko the gangster.

Rich Capiteri is very convincing as the umpire. Carrie Kline is the next Carole King, just ask anyone in the audience. Her husband, Joel, wasn’t bad either.

Mickey Rivers and Doc Gooden add a beautiful touch by giving the show a reality that is not seen in most shows, on or off Broadway. I must also add that they give you a true feeling of how much they loved the Boss (George M. Steinbrenner)

A special thank you to Executive Producer Alfred Zaccagnino of the Samaritan Group for his continued support of the “Batboy” show and all the children he supports in our charities.

All in all it was truly the best Batboy yet. The show was dedicated to so many who are dealing with the agony of cancer, past or present. We look forward to doing a Christmas show for our soldiers in Fort Hamilton in December. Thanks to all of you out there who continue to support Batboy.

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