Negron: Eli Manning Is Class Personified

Eli Manning visited Yankee Stadium last night not as a celebrity wanting to to be noticed or to get his picture on page six but to truly root for the Yankees. I asked Eli if he was a Yankee Fan and he looked me in the eyes and told me that he was. I did not want to talk to Eli about his career or his present situation. I know that all week at practice he has to hear that from the football press. However as a great athlete who knows a thing or two about being a Champion and making impossible comebacks did he think that the Yankees could win and he said that they definitely could. He was gracious enough to give me a few minutes to talk about our beloved Bronx Bombers. I was also able to thank him for his contributions to New York sports and his gift as a great humanitarian to the young people of our great city.

If Eli was able to reach one kid then he truly reached his true purpose in life. The football career has been great however what he has done for so many kids that he didn’t even know is better.

Babe Ruth was the greatest Athlete to ever play professional sports but I can guarantee you that the thing that the Babe was the most proud of was his contributions to kids that needed his love. I think Eli followed that path.

Being a kid that came from these rough streets, I thank you Eli because it was a very tough sports owner and you professional athletes that saved my life and the life of millions.

God bless you in everything that you decide to do with the best part of your life. It’s just the beginning.

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