Russell: Diamond Dave Q&A with Stephen Nogosek

Stephen Nogosek is new to the Mets, having made his Major League debut in Atlanta on June 19. He was a standout at Woodcreek High School in California and played at the University of Oregon. 
The right-handed pitcher was drafted by the Red Sox and later traded to the Mets in 2017 in the deal that sent Addison Reed to Boston. 
Nogosek, who has appeared in seven games with the Mets, spoke to NY Sports Day on Sunday morning. 
NYSD: Now that you’ve been here for a few weeks how do you like it in the majors?
SN: It’s amazing. I mean it’s everything you’ve ever dreamed of and more and starting to get a little more comfortable with the routine and how everything works and still learning, obviously. I’ll be learning until the day I die. Had a couple of rough ones and looking forward to getting back out there and getting back on track and go on from there. 
NYSD: What’s the biggest difference with the hitters in the majors from the minors?
SN: You make a mistake and they hit it. It was like that in Triple-A but you kind of got away with more mistakes. Here, you don’t. So the biggest thing is executing pitches and throwing it with full conviction. You’re going to throw great pitches and they’re going to hit it. That’s the biggest thing up here. But if you have conviction behind it you’re giving yourself the best chance. 
NYSD: In the minors a lot of guys are starters and then they move to the bullpen but you were always a reliever. Why were you able to know that your stuff played so well out of the bullpen?
SN: The move happened my freshman year of college. They made me a reliever because our Friday-Saturday-Sunday guys were pretty good and so they moved me to the pen and I loved it. So ever since then, I mean I’ve had my starts here and there, but I knew if I was going to have success it was going to be in the bullpen, max effort and give everything I got. That doesn’t work as a starter going 100 pitches. At least my body won’t hold up to throwing 100 pitches and so I’m a reliever and I love it. 
NYSD: As a California guy, how are you liking New York?
SN: New York is different. That’s for sure. I love it. It’s a change of pace because where I live now, in Oregon, it’s very slow-living and a lot of country folk and now it’s high-paced, a lot of people. But it’s a good change of pace. I like it a lot and a lot of passionate fans so it’s good. 
NYSD: Do you have a favorite spot yet?
SN: No. The hotel for right now. I’m still trying to venture out. I’ve gotta get out and experience it but we did go to Sushi Damo. Some great food. Some great sushi. I’m starting to get out and try some New York pizza. Some authentic New York pizza. 
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