Is Greg Monroe Headed to Bayern Munich?

There is a rumor going around saying that Greg Monroe, the former free agent, is going to Germany in order to play for Bayern Munich. Although it was just a rumor, the proof has been provided that something is going to happen with the player.

After a tweet from the FC Bayern Basketball account, people who are into checking basketball betting odds on have become really excited. So, is Monroe headed to Munich or not?

What Started the Rumors

Not long ago, the FC Bayern Basketball twitter account has posted a vague picture of a silhouette, with the caption “THIS IS BIG”. The idea was that there are going to be some big news, and people have, of course, gotten excited. But it was hard to distinguish the silhouette in the picture unless you were a very big fan. So, someone has discovered the picture used to make the silhouette, and it turns out to be Greg Monroe.

Since Twitter never fails to observe every little detail, someone has made the discovery. And so, speculations have started that Greg Monroe will join the team. Add that to the fact that Nikos Varlas of has also said that the player signed a deal with Bayern for one year.

Afterward, the Twitter account has made a tweet welcoming Greg Monroe to the team.

What Is Monroe Known for?

Monroe is popular for his physical skills from the time he debuted in Detroit, as a Piston. He had gained a great reputation and he was able to shoot 49.6 percent from the field during his last season with the team. As such, he successfully had 10.2 rebounds and 15.9 points.

Later in 2015, he signed a deal with Milwaukee Bucks, but given he became nothing more but a bench sitting role, he has been traded to Phoenix. Therefore, Monroe had to switch five teams over the course of two years. Following Phoenix, the player has performed for Toronto, Boston, and Philadelphia. He had played for teams like the Suns, the Raptors, the Bucks, the Celtics, and the Sixters. Not to mention, he was the 7th pick for the NBA draft in 2010 as well.

Monroe is 29 years old and has 2.11 meters, and since he had such a long career in the NBA, he might become a key player in Bayern Munich.

What Does This Mean for Bayern?

Now that Bayern has signed such a reputable player, they might be on their way to be successful. This is the first time Monroe will perform in Europe, after nine years of being in the NBA.  He had played 659 NBA games, out of which 27 were in the Playoffs too.

After having gained more experience and more skills, he can show off his abilities in Europe.

Among VBA basketball news and many others, seeing Greg Monroe join Bayern is very exciting for us, so we’re looking forward to what he has to provide to the German team.

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