Evan Engram Is Now The Man For The Giants

Evan Engram now has center stage.

Even though the Giants have been waiting for this situation, they would have preferred a different path.

With Sterling Shepard dealing with a fractured thumb and Corey Coleman out with a torn ACL, Engram arguably is the Giants’ lead option or on the same plane with Golden Tate.

Over the past two years, Injuries have slowed Engram’s potential and progress. In 26 games, he has 109 receptions for 1.299 yards with nine touchdowns, 64 catches in his rookie season of 2017.

Engram came into camp this season in full health and anticipated a breakout season. He admittedly took a regimented approach in the offseason with his diet, sleep, and overall well-being.

Initially, the Giants wanted to be cautious with Engram, seeking to limit his days to keep him healthy.

Due to the circumstances, the Giants still may apprehensive with Engram. They recognize the possibilities for their budding star with the bulk of a tight end and breakaway speed of a receiver.

Despite the fact the Giants will likely sign a veteran to add to the receiver lot – free agents Michael Crabtree and Brandon Marshall have been mentioned – they will have Engram active in the slot this season.

“I think he’s got wide receiver traits,” said Giants head coach Pat Shurmur about Engram. “I think we talked about that yesterday. We actually use him in a detached role, or what would appear to be a wide receiver role. We did it last year, and we’ll continue to do that.”

With Saquon Barkley as the lead and Shepard likely back for the opener, Engram sees the big picture if he can stay healthy.

“We’ve all been working our butts off this offseason, and the coaches have been doing a really good job putting together a game plan and giving the ball to our playmakers,” said Engram. “Definitely for myself, and I know for my teammates and for the other playmakers on our team, we understand it is a big opportunity for all of us. We are going to have opportunities and it comes down to our preparation and stepping up in those opportunities.”

Engram certainly should be a big part of those opportunities.

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