Diamond Dave Q&A with Mark Reynolds

Mark Reynolds, who was designated for assignment by the Rockies on Sunday morning, has hit 298 home runs for eight teams.

Mariano Rivera spent all 19 of his seasons in the majors with the Yankees and will be inducted into the Hall of Fame today, the first unanimous selection.

Reynolds and Rivera were teammates briefly in 2013. The infielder spoke to NY Sports Day about his memories of the legend.

NYSD: What’s your best memory of Mo?

MR: Just how kind and genuine he was to everyone that came across him. I mean, I remember, I played here his last year and I remember him with boxes of just balls and jerseys stacked up to the ceiling by his locker and he would sit there all day long, sign everything with his perfect signature. He gave everyone on the team that year a jersey. Just a class act and I’m fortunate I got to a chance to play with him.

NYSD: You were at third base when he was taken out the last time. What was that like?

MR: I was. That was very surreal moment. At first I didn’t even know what was going on with Jeter and Pettitte came out of the dugout and walked up there and then the infielders kind of realized kind of what was going on so we kind of backed away. And it was just a moment that I took in that was pretty special.

NYSD: What was it like facing him?

MR: Not fun. You got six inches off the inside corner, six inches off the outside corner. You knew what was coming and you still couldn’t hit it. I think that’s what made it so special and made him great.

NYSD: What was it like going from competing against him to being a teammate?

MR: Just one of those guys that you’re glad is on your team. You don’t have to face him in the ninth. Like I said, when I played here it was like walking around the Hall of Fame over there. Yogi Berra, Dave Winfield, just guys hanging out and talking baseball and it was just a cool experience to have to be able to watch everything in his last couple of games and it was neat.

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