2019/20 NBA Season – Predictions and Wagering Odds

The NBA Summer League has just finished as the Grizzlies’ young talent won the tournament. All that is left for us to do now is wait for the new season to start in October. This year’s free agency was as exciting as ever, and some of basketball’s most renowned superstars have switched teams.

For sports bettors, the last couple of years were fairly predictable. The Golden State Warriors were dominating the league, but their injury woes stopped them for three-peating this year. That allowed for Kawhi Leonard’s Raptors to claim their first title in franchise history.

After the trade deadline, it seems that the next season is going to be more uncertain as to which two teams will find themselves in the big finals. Several more superteams have been created, but what does that mean for sports bettors?

Top Teams for the 2019/20 NBA Season

One of the most anticipated trades during the free agency was Kevin Durant’s decision to join the Brooklyn Nets. Apart from him, Kyrie Irving has joined the team as well, making the Nets title-bound for the first time since they moved to Brooklyn. However, KD is likely to miss the entire season due to his Achilles injury, so the Nets will maybe be looking forward to 2020/21 season instead. Nevertheless, the team is expected to make the playoffs at least.

Kawhi Leonard became the third player in NBA history to win the Finals MVP title with two different teams, joining LeBron James and Kareem Abdul Jabaar. However, he has now ventured on another journey and changed teams once again. Kawhi decided to join the Clippers, a team he was a fan of while growing up in LA. The Clippers have also acquired Paul George, and this duo’s unstoppable offense and elite defense will be a tough matchup for the rest of the league.

The Lakers have also made some powerful moves. Once teammates in New Orleans, Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins will unite once again, this time under the wing of LeBron’s Lakers. The team has missed six straight playoff appearances for the first time ever, but that’s about to change next year.

James Harden and the Houston Rockets haven’t made it to the championship finals yet, and as things obviously didn’t work out with Chris Paul, the point guard has been traded to Oklahoma for Russell Westbrook, so the Rockets are also looking to be one of the favorites in the competition.

The Milwaukee Bucks haven’t made that many changes in their roster during this offseason, but since they are lead by the league’s MVP Gianiss Antetokuonmpo, they are certainly one of the contenders.

Of course, we also can’t rule out the Warriors. While Durand and Cousins are now gone, the original lineup from their first championship run in 2015 is still there. Klay Thompson has re-signed, and he will stay alongside Steph Curry and Draymond Green.

2019/20 NBA Betting Odds

Although the next NBA season won’t start for another few months, there are already some early predictions as to who will win next year’s championships. Jump over to https://bestsportsbooks.ca/nba-betting-canada/ to see which sportsbooks offer the best odds and bonuses.

For now, most bookies agree that the two teams from Los Angeles will have the highest chances. The Clippers (+333), and the Lakers (+400) are followed by the Bucks (+425), the Rockets (+750), and the Sixers (+750). The Warriors are next (+1300), followed by two young teams from the West – The Jazz (+1400) and the Nuggets (+1700).

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