Diamond Dave Q&A with Chris Chambliss

Chris Chambliss, who is best remembered for his pennant winning home run in 1976, played for the Yankees from 1974-1979 and again for one at-bat in 1988 and was a coach with the team in 1988 and again from 1996-2000. He was an All-Star in 1976, won a Gold Glove in 1978 and was a member of six championship teams as a player and coach. He spoke to NY Sports Day on Old-Timers Day.

NYSD: What’s your favorite part about this day?

CC: Just the memories of being with all the guys again. I was just reminded, and it’s true, I’ve got two generations to look at here because the guys I played with, Willie and Ron Guidry and Roy White and Lou Piniella but then I coached so I’m seeing Paul O’Neill, Bernie Williams and that generation, too. It’s just a pleasure to be around the guys again.

NYSD: Did you have a favorite Old-Timer when you were a player?

CC: We were blessed because both Elston Howard was coaching so we got to be around him all the time and Yogi Berra. And of course Billy Martin. To have those guys with us everyday on the field was just a blessing. And in our day, the Old-Timers, they used to dress in our clubhouse. So we had the whole gang right in our clubhouse. It was just fabulous.

NYSD: You had a comeback in 1988 for an at-bat. You think you have another one in you?

CC: 88 that was kind of a fluke at-bat. I was the hitting coach and they needed to fill a roster spot and they put me in there. And Billy Martin gave me an at-bat. That’s how that happened.

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