BTI Heads To The Bahamas

It’s been a journey for Tony Melendez and his wife Jessy. From the Bronx they are considered the baseball couple who have been instrumental over the past decade with the training and development of youngsters in their quest to succeed in the game.

They have also stressed education as a basic need. Over the years many of their students have seen the success with college scholarships and some have moved on in the game of baseball as numerous professional teams have took the time to notice.

A decade after T M Baseball Academy was founded in the Westchester Square vicinity of the Bronx, Tony and Jessy made the move and recently relocated to Suffern, New York.  They still keep their involvement with youngsters in the Bronx as they progress with the Baseball Training Institute.

A major component of the institute is a Baseball Homeschool educational program that includes education and baseball training at the facility. It’s a one of a kind program that is rapidly expanding. Students are training and concentrate on their academics as members of the program.

With the expansion comes a new venture for Tony, Jessy, and the Institute. A working venture in the Bahamas from April 22-28 is anticipated to train a team, The Showboys, heading to a national tournament this June in Orlando Florida.

Players are aged 9-10 years old out of Nassau Bahamas. The goal is to assist this team with development and training the next few years that will elevate their abilities through professional instruction that will be provided by Coach Tony Melendez.

“Baseball is absolutely exploding in the Bahamas,” Melendez said. “There’s great talent on the Island. I’m looking forward to working and developing players as well as coaches. I feel so honored to have been recruited as the coach of choice to help them do that.”

“ BTI in the Bahamas takes our organization into International territory and we can’t begin to Thank God enough for the opportunity to be a vessel to mentor and build the next generation of baseball players.”

BTI will also be meeting with local politicians to introduce their program to the island, The Baseball Homeschool Institute.

You can follow the journey on Facebook  and their FB Group Page. Meet the players and coaches and observe how baseball has become a dominant sport and how much the Bahamas loves the game of baseball.

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