Scout’s Take: The Red Comet

With all the injuries to their team this early in the season, the Yankees are getting a good look at all that talent they have in their farm system. Big question is, what are they going to do with them when some of their 25 man roster comes back? The biggest question however is, what do they do with Clint Frazier? This kid will be an old man by the time the Yankees find a spot for him and maybe it’s time to cut him loose in a deal while he is hot.

When the Yanks made the trade for him, along with Justus Sheffield, on July 16, 2016 for Andrew Miller, Frazier was looked at as the next big star. But that has not happened…….yet.

When I first saw him in spring training at George Steinbrenner Field in 2017, I thought I was looking at a 20 year old Mickey Mantle as he tracked down balls hit to him in center field. His speed and quick moves made him look like a linebacker in the NFL. This kid was going to be something special.

So what happened? Well on December 9, 2017 the Marlins continued their rebuild in Miami by making a deal to send their Major League HR champion, with 59 bombs, to the Yankees. Here he would join the American League HR champion, Aaron Judge, who slammed 52. Ok, there was still a sliver of a spot for the young redheaded super prospect. Or was there?

Brett Gardner looked to be at the end of his career and Aaron Hicks was not thought of as any long time solution. So the kid had a shot. Screech and come to a stop George Jetson! The baseball Gods had other plans as the aggressive youngster would have to nurse a few injuries, including  a concussion, after crashing into an outfield wall during spring training in 2018.

Then an even stranger thing happened last year as Aaron Hicks began to look like the ballplayer the Twins saw as an Allstar when they made him their first round draft pick in 2008. Who would have thought that Hicks would be transformed from a first round Minnesota disappointment into someone the Yankees would lock up with a 7 year, $70 million dollar deal? Clearly the Yankees feel he is their center fielder for the next few years.

Here is my thought, keep the kid and try to trade the big guy. (Stanton’s contract contains a full no-trade clause) Stanton can still get them a front of the rotation starter. How about Madison Bumgarner in pinstripes? Stanton will probably hit 600 homeruns one day, but will never be a winning force in the Bronx. Frazier will. Give him more big league at bats and he will become an All Star. Remember, Mickey Charles Mantle had a rough time when he was getting started. When given the chance to play in the big leagues everyday, he was able to showcase his skills and the rest is history.

Give the “Red Comet” the same chance they gave the “Commerce Comet.”

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