Artistic Swimming Is Still Good Old Synchronized Swimming

One of the more interesting Olympic sports is Artistic Swimming. Formally known as synchronized swimming, it was rebranded back in 2017 to draw a larger audience.

Around these parts, you may have heard of it, because New York Mets outfielder Michael Conforto’s mother Tracie Ruiz, was an Olympic gold medalist in synchronized swimming back in 1988.

And despite the fact the sport has changed names, it’s still the same on which Conforto’s mother won over 30 years-ago.

This year, artistic swimming forms an integral part of the World Aquatics Championships in Korea this summer, running from July 12-20. It includes mixed duet offering an opening for men to participate, along with women’s duet and women’s team. However, it remains female only in the Olympics.

This century, Russian teams tend to dominate the sports, winning Gold medals in the five Olympic games played.

And if you are someone prone to water sports betting, then you would be hard to bet against the Russians. However, something may break your way. For better odds a forecast with the Russians and another team could be wise so keep an eye on the news with sites such as swimswam to find out who could challenge Russia’s domination.

Or maybe there will be an American team in Tokyo, like Ruiz’s crew who took home the gold all those years ago.

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