Diamond Dave Q&A with Mike Tauchman

Mike Tauchman is the newest Yankee, having been acquired in a March 23 trade with the Rockies and being named to the Opening Day roster. The left-handed outfielder was also on Colorado’s Opening Day roster last season though he spent most of the year in the minors. He was named to the Pacific League’s Mid-Season and Postseason All-Star teams.

Tauchman, 28, played with the Rockies in parts of the 2017 and 2018 seasons. He spoke to NY Sports Day after Sunday’s game.

NYSD: Now that you’ve been here a few days, what is it like being a Yankee?

MT: It’s great. You know, this is obviously a World Series contending team. To be able to come over here after sprig training and kind of being put into a situation where there’s a rally talented group of guys and I have a chance to compete for a World Series is what marks you as a baseball player.

NYSD: Is it tough looking at that 314 in right field and not have these thoughts in your head of not trying to hit a home run every time up?

MT: Yeah. I’m trying to hit the ball hard every time so stuff like that — results are a result of a quality approach and just putting yourself in a good position to hit, just hit the ball everywhere.

NYSD: As exciting as it is to be a Yankee was it kind of tough leaving the Rockies?

MT: Yeah. I mean that was a team that drafted me, so it’s always [tough]. I played with a core group of guys for a lot of years so obviously that part of it, the relationships you build, that’s the hard part but it’s equaled by all the excitement I had coming over here, going to a franchise like this with a talented locker room

NYSD: I guess it’s kind of tough with all the bats in the lineup, do you worry about getting into the lineup?

MT: No. I don’t worry about that. That kind of stuff tends to work itself out. I’m just showing up, ready to contribute however I’m asked. I was ready to pinch-run tonight, whatever it may have been. I pinch-ran the other day. That’s my role and I just want to help win games because when we win everybody looks really good.

NYSD: Do you have a favorite place in New York City yet?

MT: No. Not yet. I’ve only been here a few days. I walked around a bit on the off day but I have nothing but good things to say to this point. I’m always listening for restaurant recommendations and stuff from the guys. I love to eat so I’m sure I’ll find some good spots.

NYSD: It’s a little pricier here than Colorado.

MT: Yeah. It can be. But the food’s up there, so it’s good.

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