Moeller: Harbaugh Not A Jets Fit

Jim Harbaugh wouldn’t be a Santa to the Jets.  Instead, he likely would be an eventual Grinch.

The Jets should not pursue Harbaugh.

A better option would be Mike McCarthy or Bruce Arians. John Harbaugh also is a great option, but he appears to be staying in Baltimore.

Bring back Pete Carroll? Why not? There is a new owner in Seattle.

First to Harbaugh.

The Jets will need to dole out more than $7 million a year to sign him away from Michigan.  Several rumors have surfaced stating the Jets have been investigating possible replacements for Todd Bowls for the past several weeks.

Rumblings about Harbaugh began to surface a few months ago, and they haven’t gone away.

He would bring some instant discipline and structure to a team that has been looking more like a cast of lackadaisical presumed All-Pros.

He is the much-needed ex-NFL head coach with a winning breed the Jets desperately need. They don’t need another upstart coordinator, especially a defensive one.

Forget about offensive coordinators Eric Bienemy in Kansas City and Pete Carmichael in New Orleans.

The Jets should avoid the coordinator route at all costs.

Harbaugh did turn around the Bears and 49ers, but he eventually wore out his welcome in a power struggle with management.

He is the right answer, yet high-priced and huge ego.

We all know owner Christopher Johnson is being politically correct saying Bowles is his head coach, and the Jets don’t have any interest in Harbaugh.

Wait until around 5’clock Sunday afternoon, or if they are polite, early Monday morning when they make Bowles’ exit official.

Now to McCarthy or Arians.

Like Harbaugh, McCarthy fits the bill.  He has won a Super Bowl and can begin a fruitful relationship with Sam Darnold.

Despite his reported differences with Aaron Rodgers, McCarthy is well respected around the league, and he can solve the Jets’ offense woes.

According to reports out of Green Bay, McCarthy will be on the market for the 2019 season even though he has a year left on his contract.

As for Arians, he has stated his affinity for the Cleveland job. He also is the ideal candidate for the Jets, and he could be enticed with the likes of working with Darnold.

A drawback is that Arians is 66 and retired to get away from the game. The Jets would need to push to get at least four years from him.

Here’s a thought. Hire Arians and ask Bowles to be reunited with him as his defensive coordinator.

Sounds strange, but most Jets’ fans might take it and it might just work.  In a week, life in Florham Park certainly will be strange and interesting.

Let’s hope the Jets don’t Jim Harbaugh a part of it.

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Jeff Moeller has been covering the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball as well as high school sports on a national and local scene for the past 39 years. He has been a Jets and Giants beat reporter for the past 13 years.

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