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Adrian Beltre always a true class act. 

One of my all time favorite players from this era will always be Adrian Beltre. A true class act in every and any way possible. I got to know him quite well because of his relationship with their clubhouse manager Brandon Boyde, who I consider like a son. When Beltre knew of my relationship with Brandon he always went out of his way to say hello and assure me that he always looked out for Brandon.

He always talked about his love of his family and always showed how important it was to be a good teammate. I was always impressed by his man’s man attitude. I always loved telling him that he could of played for the Yankees of the 70s. For me, that’s the ultimate compliment that I can give a baseball player from today’s era. For me, the three best defensive third baseman that I have ever seen were Brooks Robinson, Graig Nettles and Mr. Beltre. The other reason why Beltre could of been on the 70s Yankees was because he was a great clubhouse guy who always looked out for the non-stars on the team and also looked out for the clubhouse personal. In the 70s, all the players looked out for me and all the clubhouse guys. To mess with us was a no no. Billy Martin or Reggie or Munson would of really given you a very bad time. Adrian Beltre took the role of team leader very seriously. 

Adrian was 21 home runs short of 500, but feels that after 21 seasons it’s time to give more time to his family. I feel bad for the Texas Rangers because every team needs a leader, a person who’s action speak lauder then words.

However,when he has to, he is not afraid to put someone in their place. In Adrian the Rangers had the best. I haven’t seen a leader like that since a fellow by the name of Thurman Munson. It will be tough for the Rangers to replace this guy. I guess they should just be happy that they had him for as long as they did. I guess the game of baseball should be happy that they had him for as long as it did because Adrian Beltre will always be one of the all time great class acts of the game. He will fit in perfectly in Cooperstown. 

Another Dominican Dandy is no Turkey, he gives them away!

Ceaser Presbott, the long time area scout for the New York Yankees who signed Dylan Betances, was doing what he always does best in November. He collects a couple of thousand Turkeys and he gives them to the poorest families in the city. The one thing that is important to Ceaser is that the turkeys are given to all types of people. He feels that the poor come in all denominations ( black, white , Hispanic) . This year the event was moved to James Monroe High School so that more people could be helped. For the last two weeks, Ceaser was running all around the city getting prepared for this wonderful event. As always he gives the credit to his beloved Yankees, because he understands the magic of the brand. Ceaser is someone that has always been extremely proud in being a Yankee and understands the magnitude of the love that the people that he helps have for the fabled baseball team. When I see the happiness in the faces of the recipients of the turkeys I thank God for giving Ceaser Presbott the wherewithal to do what he does best, Make people happy. 

If you need a turkey, call Ceaser and his wife Dr. Angelica Presbott. They’ll probably give you the one in their oven.
If there  is a family out there that you think may not have food on thanksgiving don’t be afraid to reach out and help. 
I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving. I want to thank everyone that has helped me one way or another, you know who you are. 

Ceaser Presbott is famous in baseball circles for finding the diamond in the rough. His latest find is double A outfield prospect Ben Ruta, who Ceaser discovered at Wagner College in Staten Island. Ben has been in Tampa working out with one of baseballs all time prospects Gleyber Torres at the Yankees minor league facility. Ben felt that it was important to support Ceaser and attend the turkey event. Ben said that he must always be there for the person that has done so much for him.  Ruta stole 37 bases this year and is looking forward to Helping the Yanks even more this coming season. 

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