Moeller: McCown the Teacher Is Now the Savior

Todd Bowles’ fate may be traced back to mid-March.

That’s when the team resigned veteran journeyman Josh McCown, who was glad to come back after a revived season that ended a month earlier due to an injury.

The Jets lost the Kirk Cousins sweepstakes and signed Teddy Bridgewater as a possible starter until their presumed rookie quarterback would develop.

They decided to bring back McCown as the early insurance policy and as a mentor toward a possible coaching career.

One sure positive from this season is that they surely won’t regret it.

McCown is now in the savior role to save Bowles and whatever can be rescued from the Jets’ season.

He will be under center at the start for the first time since August, and he needs to win a game against the Buffalo Buffoon Bills, especially at home against quarterback Matt Barkley, who hasn’t seen action in the league since the end of the 2016 season with the Bears. He is the fourth starting quarterback for the team. Take note.

Rookie phenom Sam Darnold walked into practice Wednesday with a boot due to a sprained right foot.

Two days earlier during his Monday conference call, Bowles didn’t mention any injury to Darnold, and the rookie quarterback left Miami with the usual nicks, bumps, and bruises. Darnold did leave with arguably his worst performance so far in a game everyone in Jets’ land needed.

Darnold’s injury appears legitimate, and he could use a game off that would be followed by a bye week before New England.

Still, the heighten state of urgency to beat the hapless Bills took a meteoric rise after the loss in Miami.

The Jets can’t afford to fall to 3-7 and show the same lack of discipline they have exhibited in the past few weeks. Miami and Buffalo were supposed to be wins to bring the club back to .500 and help begin to secure another year for Bowles.

The whispers regarding Bowles around Florham Park are real, and McCown can be the Long Ranger riding in to save the day.

The 39-year-old is the life preserver to save Bowles. It is a lot to ask for a quarterback –even though he looks to be in good shape — who could get knocked out on a solid hit. Then we can turn to Davis Webb. Think about that.

If the Jets can win – and win convincingly and cleanly – the heat will temporarily off Bowles and McCown may even get the call against New England.

If the Jets lose and McCown can’t work any magic, Darnold will return in two weeks and it will be time to play out the string for their dead-man –walking head coach.

The summer breezes of optimism that swirled around Darnold and a new cast of singings have suddenly tuned into chilly, piercing winds.

It will be a very interesting blistering afternoon at Met Life.

The bottom line between a head coach’s fate and his team’s season will be in the hands of a veteran whose presence was previously seen as a mentor to the new franchise quarterback.

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